BBnaija WhiteMoney Biography


He is a 29 year old Lagos based businessman and entrepreneur.

BBNaija White money, 5’7 in height, is a native of Enugu State, the eastern part of Nigeria, he was born on the 6th of July 1992.

He is currently single, has never been married and open to finding love in Big Brother’s house.


White money had his primary and secondary school education in Enugu where he was raised.

BBNaija Whiteymoney did not proceed to tertiary institution as he had to relocate to Lagos to hustle.

He mentioned that his mother sold food for a living when he was younger and so he had to move to Lagos to make a better life for them.


Whitemoney has made a career for himself in the entrepreneurial industry.

He rose from being an okada man when he got to Lagos to being an importer and exporter of designer shoes and lip balms.

Before venturing into importation and exportation of designer shoes which he currently does, Whitemoney has made a living through barbing, selling of hair products, retouching and at some point worked telecommunication masts.

Not only that, he has also ventured into jewelry, photography, transportation, Generator repairing, comedy, acting and singing.

White money currently juggles Shoe production alongside his first love, music production.

No wonder he prides himself as an all-round hustler and the viewers agree to it.


Whitemoney sees himself as an individual who is strategic yet poses a down-to-earth personality.

He describes himself as a full-fledged Igbo man because of his hustling spirit, also as open-minded “jolly good fellow” who likes to have fun.

He revealed that he hates back-bitters and hypocrites. He also hates gossip mongers and abhors where gossip is being discussed.

He not only speaks his mother tongue, Igbo, fluently, but also fluent in Yoruba and Hausa too.

His hobbies include driving, hustling, watching movies and making music.

White money promises to keep you entertained with his sparkling personality while in the Big Brother’s house.