FULL MOVIE: The Brothers Solomon (2007)

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John and Dean Solomon may have Ph.D.s, but they’re socially inept after their widowed father home-schooled them in Antarctica. When their beloved dad falls into a coma, they hatch a plan to revive him using a positive emotional shock – giving him a grandchild. They find a surrogate mom through Craig’s list – she’s Janine, a penniless local musician, with a large, intimidating boyfriend, James. The pregnancy gives the Solomons nine months to learn to be parents. In a side story, John pursues Tara, a neighbor who takes care of their dad when John and Dean are out; but she has no interest in John. Can the boys keep Janine and James happy, keep dad alive, and learn to be dads? —.

Director: Bob Odenkirk


Kristen Wiig as Janine

Malin Akerman as Tara

Will Forte as Dean Solomon

Jenna Fischer as Michelle

1 hr 32 min


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