2Face – No shakin

Download clean vinyl LP CD free mp3 audio song by 2Face Idibia a.k.a 2Baba and this music is titled “No shakin”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an album which is titled “Grass 2 Grace” And it was released in the year 2006.



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Lyrics {No Shaking}


Yes oh (3x), hey Yes oh (3x), ho

Chorus My guy, na your eye go sharpen


Because ebe like say e don dey


No shaking, nothing dey happen


Nobody won kpai, but them want


Go heaven

Verse 1 I work hard for the money


It is not funny Cos I got to say


Not busy, at all, at all If I was


You, I’ll get busy Cos I nor


Go fit afford to get lazy, at all


At all Don’t let opportunity


Pass you by You get to dey always


Continue to dey try U get to try


To dey always and mind Because


You no want kpai b4 u die, lie lie


I know say u dey like to dey jolly


Cos I see you for my body, u dey


E your body I know say u go like


Make e money To impress your baby


Plus all of your family There


No film trick involved inside


Reality my brother is the way


We ride If I tell u say easy, u na


Setup So now all u got to do is raise


Up and get up For what you believe


In, stand up If it seems that you


Sleeping, rise up You got to fight


For yourself Before you find


By yourself with your hands up


You got to be strong, you got to


Hold on You got to keep keeping


On You got to realize say It is


Man for himself That’s why


I say

Repeat Chorus 2x

Verse 2 I wake up in the morning


I look up in the rising sun There


Is no time to waste Cos there is


A lot of things that need to be


And pray to God to give you the


To understand where you come


And pray to God to give you the


That you need to proceed, ay And


The teach you to believe in yourself


Teach you to depend on nobody


Teach to dey soji yourself Teach


You to know that your health is


Your wealth and Teach you to understand


That your destiny is in your hands


Teach you to dey shine your eye


Say And realize say, it is all


For himself

Repeat Chorus 4x

Verse 3 No slacking, no bocking


Keep walking, no stopping No


Keep moving No shady dealing


What you believe in, stand up


You think that you sleeping


Up You got to fight for yourself


Before you find yourself by yourself


With your hands up You got to be


Strong, you got to hold on And


On keeping on You got to realize


Say It is all man for himself That’s


Why I say

Repeat Chorus till fade Nobody


Want kpai but them want go heaven


See, them want go heaven Them


Go heaven You got to work hard


The money