Benny The Butcher – The Iron Curtain

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Benny The Butcher and this amazing music is titled “The Iron Curtain”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his newly released album which is titled ‘Pyrex Picasso’.


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Benny The Butcher – The Iron Curtain Lyrics


The almighty



The Butcher comin’, nigga

Let’s go



[Verse 1]

I’m black royalty (Royalty)

With black lawyers, I ate off the black market, so good luck blackballing in me

The ghost of ‘Chine Gun Black hauntin’ me

I feel like I’m nuts ’cause every time I count up, them racks talk to me (Them racks talk to me)

And I just got a batch off of me (I did)

So the feds won’t back off of me

Took what the trap offered me (I did)

Uh-uh, I don’t got no gimmicks, you can feel the pain

Blood on the money when I get it, but it spend the same

This one for the family (Duffel bags)

I gambled like Vegas and drove with my life saving in the trunk of a Camry

If you never played with a fork, can’t understand me

All my niggas stood tall in New York like Marcus Camby

My aunt a Christian prayer, but I’m a distant player

That’s with the hoes, but in the kitchen, I’m a difference maker

Nigga, my fingertips stick to paper (Stick to paper)

It’s never enough ’cause half of it’s gone before I get the paper



Let’s go


This street gospel right here, nigga

You feel me?

I been had a strap

I got my first gun when I was fourteen years old

I got it from Conway

Shit a true story, I can’t make this shit up, my nigga (Can’t make this shit up)

I can’t make this shit up (I can’t make this shit up, nigga)

The Butcher’s coming, nigga (Ah)



[Verse 2]

They gave me obstacles and they prayed I fell

I’m the one who front the hustlers whatever they could sell (What you need?)

Even if you feed ’em trust, they’ll tell

Nigga, I’m bagging up a brick while I play Adele

Balenciaga space kicks

You know the ones with no laces?

Been tied everywhere like Jay Prince

This for my niggas in the state pen’

Been down since ’08 with a case so weak, it don’t make sense

Get caught in that system

They treat you like a victim

They slaves, I made friends in places you’d get a brick from

For that, federales and fans both want my picture

When the other side hit up my nigga, I cried a river (It’s on sight now)

Tougher than niggas that y’all call brave (What else?)

Standing over the stove wearing all our chains (Uh)

You my know MO is all raw ‘caine

So many ballers in my trap, look like the all-star game



Let’s go, uh

Like I said

I’m ready whenever y’all niggas ready, man

Blood on the money

And blood on the wall

Blood everywhere, man, y’all niggas can’t fuck with me




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