BlocBoy JB – Forgot About Bloc

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BlocBoy JB – Forgot About Bloc Lyrics


These niggas be killin’ me literally

Talk about beef, but gon’ hide by security

Since I was ten, my mama knew I was gangster (Gangster)

My OG told me, “Keep one in the chamber” (Chamber)

I find it odd, these niggas be hoes and act like they hard

How you a killer, but can’t let the charge? (Charge)

Offensive foul, we don’t stray the crowd, we walkin’ ’em down (How, how, how)

I can not fuck with niggas that ain’t ’round (‘Round)

It’s fuck a fuck nigga’s out of bound (Bound)

It could be a rainy day, I could make a play, and still flood the streets with them pounds

They forgot about Bloc

Bloc ride ’round with two hunnid some shots (Rrra)

Slide on thе opps, been creepin’ blocks (Opps)

They all got it easy with the bomb start

I donе had fingers sore from shootin’ Glocks (That’s on my Momma)

I can’t roll enough for these opps (Opp)

I can’t puff enough of this weed (Weed)

You can’t park no more on my block (Block)

I might fuck this up and just leave (Leave)

Might just catch a brand new body (Body)

Let me know the murder on me (On me)

I just copped a 12 gauge shotty

No Cico, the pump is on me (Boom)

Broke as a mother, but left ’em on E (E)

His bitch love me and left him on read (Read)

Rollin’ three-fives until they free real (Free him)

When niggas start to die, these niggas get scared

Used to hide guns and Mom ain’t do shit, murder for hire, ’bout that bread (Bread)

My bitch doin’ fraud, got three EDDs, said, “Baby, this Ed, Edd n Eddy”

Yeah, my bitch doin’ fraud, got three EDDs, said, “Baby, this Ed, Edd n Eddy”

Yeah, these niggas not hard, they lil’ bitty boys, I swear that it’s off with their head

Yeah, I know I’m a Crip, everything on me, I swear that this money is real

Yeah, Blood money, yeah, yeah, Blood money

Cuh money, yeah, yeah, got Cuh on it

Yeah, drugs on me, yeah, yeah, got drugs on me

Yeah, got these slugs on me, yeah, yeah, I got slugs on me





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