Cochise – Sanji

Download clean vinyl LP CD mp3 free audio tiktok song by Cochise and this music is titled “Sanji”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an album which is titled ‘Benbow Crescent’ and it was released in the year 2021.


Listen up below with full lyrics.




Okay, I kick up on that nigga like I’m Sanji

Okay, I kick up on that nigga like I’m Sanji

Okay, I kick up on that nigga like I’m Sanji (yo’ Cochise, a weh dem a seh?)

Yeah, yeah (Bullet)

Yeah, yeah, uh, uh

Yeah, uh, yeah, yeah (Bullet)

Yeah, I tell ’em, I tell ’em, yeah, uh

Wanna know what I know? Uh

GBE, I go, uh

Wanna get bread? Let’s go, uh

Wanna talk bread? Let’s go (yeah)

No I can’t lie, that boy doing the most

Shawty she talkin’, she doin’ the most

Talk about hatin’, but I got a ghost

Talking ’bout spread it, but I ain’t no toast

That boy he dirty, I know he need soap

And I know that he broke and he getting no gloat

And your wifey just saw me, I know that she soak

Had to cover ’em up, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout coat

Had to cover ’em up, I ain’t talking ’bout loc

I get up my money, I run in a boat

Put my foot on they neck and I know they gon’ choke

Feel like NBA YoungBoy, I’ll never go broke

Humina, humina, humina, uh

My mother call me a son of a, uh

I got the money, I’m coming up, uh

I’m the one served me a hundred bar, uh

My money come from the backend

I do not care who you are, I’ma tax him

No, I don’t know who you are, I won’t tap in

I had to wake ’em up ’cause they was nappin’

Sing on that beat like my name Toni Braxton

I got the five on me just like a Jackson

I had to wipe ’em up just like a napkin

I got a shorty, I don’t need no mackin’

I had to get on the boat, woah

I had to get to the goal, woah

I had to run me a goal, oh

I had to make me a GOAT, woah

Give him a pass like I’m Iniesta

You want some Raf and I want a Tesla

I’m in your home, boy, I’m a big stepper

And I dunk on your dome just like I’m Chris Webber

Forever I’m home, no matter the weather

God on my side, he making me better

Wake in the morning, I’m getting this cheddar

Whip in the kitchen, ain’t talking Griselda

I got the Breath of the Wild like Zelda

Your shawty buff and I’m calling her Helga

I got that bank on mind like a teller

Jesus protect me just like an umbrella

He got the one in the head, a Beretta

I’m on 2K in the rec with a center

I had to teacher, his name was McKenna

I don’t like Britney, ain’t talking ’bout Renner

I got the kicks, they on me like Sanji (uh)

I got the kicks, they on me like Sanji (uh)

I got the kicks, they on me like Sanji (ooh-wee)

My shawty cute and she mean like she Nami (ooh-wee)

I got the bullshit over the bummer uh (yeah, yeah)

I’m in the house, like it’s Kame, huh (yeah, yeah)

I’m at the top like I’m coming, huh (yeah, yeah)

Shawty, she tell me want top (let’s go)

That boy he hate me so much, he wan’ rob me

I had to pitch, just pour for a homie

I had to grow up and stop wearing Tommy

I had to stack up a K my mommy

Tell that nigga “get the bleach, wipe it off, wash your body”

Get it off, go home, tell me, don’t tell nobody

I got the pump, point at your body

Pull out on me, pull out that shotty

Catch a lil’ body, all of ’em naughty

I know he dead, bust at his noggin

All of my niggas, we kill with no choppas, yeah