Craig David – Can’t Be Messing Around

It’s another hot free mp3 & Mind blowing song by Craig David and this wonderful song is titled “Can’t Be Messing Around”. download available

Actually this amazing song is lifted out of his album titled “Born To Do It” Which is released on August 14, 2000.


Listen up below!.




Uh uh yeah

Craig David

It’s another one

Gonna make ya, make ya dance to this

Gonna make ya, make ya dance to this

This is how we do it one time

Into the year 2 0 straight from 9 9


[Verse 1]

One day minding my own business

Girl from the back won’t keep her distance

She was all over me

Just won’t let it be

So i said to her i got a girl at home

This is so hard for me, but you got to leave me alone

She said she didn’t want to listen to me

Knew exactly what she wanted to be

My baby

I must admit that she was getting to me

Waiting for me

Wanting me to hold her oh so tightly

Together, forever, wherever, whatever

She said she couldn’t find nobody better

Wasn’t gonna give up on me never

She said