Dave East & Harry Fraud – The Disappearance

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Dave East & Harry Fraud and it’s titled “The Disappearance”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of their newly joint album which is titled ‘HOFFA’.


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La Musica de Harry Fraud

Late in the afternoon last Wednesday, Jimmy Hoffa pulled out of the driveway of his mother’s home by Lake Oregon and headed South for Detroit

Two men later told police that they had seen and casually quited Hoffa, in this restaurant parking lot between 1:30 and 2:30, Wednesday

No on apparently has seen him since

Uh, been around

Hoffa, yeah



Niggas ask me what’s up with the music, shit I been actin’ (Actin’)

Lately my clothes been vintage, not into the latest fashion (Nah)

Feel I could breathe, not related to Toni Braxton

And I still get the chills from the thoughts of my homiеs laughin’

Outran this tragedy and got back to my pen and pad (Right back)

Most the feelings I fеlt for the industry, I got past ’em (Fuck ’em)

Bunch of niggas that came out before me, feel like I left ’em (Damn)

LeBron James, these niggas Bronson like Action (My nigga)

My attitude was passive before I opened the package (Uh)

Fiend in the living room high, not the [?]

I seen roaches fold on the toaster before the bread [?] (Facts)

Funny I’m alive but I’m only concerned with dead guys (Dead)

Fed time, always avoided it, since my teen years

Surrounded by stand up men, a rat won’t be seen here (Never)

Summertime in Harlem, I’m sippin’ Clicq’ on beach chair

Play Toni for family, makin’ all the [?] (Hold)

For three years, dealt with the hate from niggas that I love

Two options when in the trenches sell or you buy drugs

Convinced me you had ill intentions, found out it’s not love (Nah)

Added bakin’ soda and a double, call it potluck

This the life we livin’ (Life)

Sendin’ flicks to homies in prison (My niggas)

Those outsides in they VVS’s, they see the difference (Mob)

[?] to get waffles from dirty kitchen

I’m vibin’ to some classic shit I ain’t heard in a minute (Nah)

I ain’t served in a minute, ain’t hand to hand in some years (Not me)

And my aim was just a bid, it’s Cartier and chandelier

I never ducked a fade, on anything, let’s meet up in the square (Right now)

New [?] clickin’, fresh up out the book in [?] square (Facts)

Made dreams outta nightmares, I woke up

Nigga tried to swing and he got broke up

I’m smokin’, it ain’t jokes up

I walk through the fire, eyes wide, like I’m coke’d up

Never powdered my nose up, game, I was tryna soak up

Listenin’ to legends that did it, when it was real out (Real out)

They comfortable in prison, so ain’t no telling ’em, “Chill out” (You okay?)

Cut the chef a cheque before he even brought the meal out

Meet the Reggie, smell like exotic, bro [?]

Peel out

Hellcats speedin’, I’m knockin’ supercat

Down for bein’ the witness, you ain’t had nothin’ to do with that (Boom, boom, boom)

East and Harry Fraud, they scared to sleep, that Freddy Krueger rap (Uh)

Before I blew, I blew a stack on baggy’s and the newest strap