Dave – Three Rivers

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Dave and this amazing music is titled “Three Rivers”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his newly released album which is titled ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ which is released in (2021).


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[Verse 1]

Imagine an island where the party never ends

Where it’s less about money and it’s more about friends

Where the vibes can’t done

It’s less about fundin’ and and more about fun

Tropical sun, this life in the ’60s comin’ from the Caribbean

You know Ian, Delroy, Vivian, Winston

Who got drafted to England

Windrush babies from Kingston to Brixton

To say they’re the life of the party, you’re wrong

My Jamaicans the entire party, you can’t see?

Big Notting Hill carni, you can’t see?

And the ride’s fiber glass, G, you wan’ see?

Imagine a place wherе you raise your kids

The only place you livе says you ain’t a Brit

They’re deportin’ our people and it makes me sick

‘Cause they was broken by the country that they came to fix

It’s like



They came on the invitation of the British Government

The passports were stacked indefinitely to remain

But for some who were children then, that was a false promise

“Thirty-seven years of paying taxes and I got a letter saying I was an illegal immigrant

I came here to England at the age of ten and I’ve lived here all my life

[Verse 2]

Look, imagine a world that’s flawed and full of evil

Where dictators and leaders are persecutin’ your people

The bodies of the innocence are pilin’ to the steeples

The ironic part is they’re preyin’ on the feeble

That’s life in the 90’s, you’re Eastern European

And you seein’ people dyin’ ’cause they’re fightin’ for their freedom

And show you violence for havin’ a voice

You move out with your kids in hope of havin’ a choice

Life throws you a spanner, you can’t handle the pain

So you gamble and you drink and then you gamble again

You argue with your wife and then you sleep on the couch

You hit your children, then start freezin’ ’em out

You try and work things out, but it’s never the same

All the women in your household are livin’ afraid

When you look into the mirror you’re reminded again

That you’ve become the dictator you were fightin’ against

It’s like



We’re, we’re fightin’ for, fightin’ for all them

And then we – we – we are fighting for ourselves *tut* *ah*

We are fighting for our own *Censored*


[Verse 3]

Look, imagine a world that’s fucked and untrue

Where the many pay a price for the few

And every day the sun rises a little later

That’s how it is when your oppressor is your liberator

‘Cause right now livin’ in the Middle East

Praise Allah for the peace

Death from a sky littered with stars

You run away with your kids so you can give them a chance

But your asylum has got you in a different war

Because the British wanna know what you’re livin’ here for

We rely on migration more than ever before

They’re key workers, but they couldn’t even get in the door

When you’re at Heaven’s Gates, what you tellin’ the Lord?

You wouldn’t even let a kid into some steadier shores

That’s a life they may never afford

Surely you would wanna give your people chances that were better than yours?



Ten years of conflict, and twelve-thousand children have been killed or injured

The children here are just a tiny fraction of the estimated six-million in need of emergency medical asisstance

As many of three-million no longer in their own homes

With up to two-million children attend school

The opportunities of this generation have been changed forever by this conflict



I went to silence when I need to who the, who the fuck I was, bro

Like, I won’t hear anyone else, shut everyone else out

So I could just hear myself, bro

You know what I’m sayin’?

Cause we live in this world, yeah

You stand still, the way the tides set up

It will take you away from yourself, you feel me?

So then I was like “Aight, cool”

But, I had to get silent, but it’s not like mans goin’ against the tide

‘Cause goin’ against the tide still makes it about them

Still makes it about the poison that you’ve eternalized in your mind, you feel me?

It’s like “Bro, why am I in this water?

Man, this water don’t even like me, it’s not even for me

It’s not takin’ me where I wanna go, it’s not takin’ me where I wanna go

It’s who the fuck I am, bro, you know I’m sayin’?

So the tide will tell me that bein’ black is an obstacle

See what I’m sayin’?

I had to, switch Rivers, bro

It’s like bein’ black is an asset

I am who I am because I’m black

And I love everything about it, you feel me?

And that’s who the fuck I am