Dremo – Baby Sitter

Download another hot clean mp3 audio song lyrics by Dremo and this amazing music is titled “Baby Sitter”.

“Babysitter” is original by America DaBaby ft. Offset. Dremo comes with the Drefix to this jam while we anticipate ‘Codename Vol. 2‘.


Listen up below!.






I got my hands full of money can’t give you hand shake

Getting cake and no be sey na my birthday

I hold ground can make it shake just like an earthquake

I’m stilll the mofucking best even In my worse days

Head of Medusa on my feet

If no be money conversation make short like a skit

From those talking from the toilet men you can’t tell me shit

That sucks but I can see that you smelling the feet

I tell the baby sitter offset and leave da baby in the sitting room

Off skirt let’s do a quickie cos I’m leaving soon


I be the only one wey she dey listen to

And whenever I’m calling shawty got me as her ringing tone

Oh lord

Buss it buss it all over baby

She ain’t even come in my ride but still I drove her crazy

Na kitchen counter she ride x3 on the big stick

I put that panties aside and the rest was history

Now what u know about a Naija bobo

Omo uk go know wetin be Naira or kobo

When I pound her

She wants to own me like my founder

Change am for her like Mr Dauda

Buss it down thotiana

(Who u be) omo Naija Americana

I’m on a low with a pie in cabana

Don’t take a picture or I will break the camera

I say xo

Xo xo In my system

I’m so im so high im hugging and kissing

My ex girlfriend in the vip section

Sweeping them off their feet

Like şey na we win election

What happens in the club stays in the club

D’ont want u wake up and start hitting me up

Cos ama screen that mofuvker

I got no time for ex girly drama

Mami I need u to change my nani

The one way no fit fit in her panties

Wey get big punani

So anytime im hungry I don’t need to eat cerellac

I no wan golden morn I want early morning knacks

You aint shit y’all been losing it cos I have been winning

I’m the shit u got to change my diaper every min

I fit deposit for inside Tyra banks

And im in charge anywhere they take me like a power bank

You older than me but don’t talk to me like you my dada

Walk out on a nigga fuck a drive by

No go vex me egbon abeg take your time time

Give yourself brain like mr Einstein

Og dont let a lil nigga loose control

You getting old G Man U should leave the new nigga alone

You got it when u was popping

We set it u niggas copy

You drinking we niggas gulping

You started but we aint stopping

I’m a shark you a dolphin

I put u right in the coffin

Once I do it like its nothing

I let the dogs do the barking

When I pop In its popping

I mess up leave u farting

Shat on yourself nigga now u need a baby sitter b****h

Yah codename vol2 on the way b***h