Dremo – Sigh

Download another hot clean mp3 audio song lyrics by Dremo and this amazing music is titled “Sigh”.

The DMW rapper comes through with a record to whet our appetite. Its a freestyle and the title is one “Sigh“.DMW rap genius, Dremo, comes for his fellow rappers in the hardest way on this electrifying rap track, “Sigh” as he ‘cut’ them to shreds.


Listen up below!.






Ok class in session

Eyes red I pass the high grade like an examination

Yaa we talk at occasion but bruh

Don’t get it twisted there is a difference of we talking and having a conversation

Just got back from Jamaica my eyes make a bruh look Asian

Bruh I gat no fucking chill am always running out of patience

Type of doctor to treat people fuck up and run out of patients

I’ma die fucking Great I just up that they don’t find me naked

Yea l came in the game my mini me on the way

Codename V2 on the way ah ahn

Around here we no dey pass the cake

If u wan some u gats to bake ah ahnn

Married to the game this other rappers tryna to catch the bouquet ah ahnn

Fuck around and l’ma beat the nigga up like ke re ke ke din ke ke re ke ke din ke

Ke re ke ke din ke

This fakes never reach straight with me here that shits gonna make u gay

Kerekeketike kerekeketike

Like Thompson Klays Knee in game 6 dem no dey take me play dem no dey take me play

Alright volume 2 suppose don arrive but there is traffic as u can see

Am trying to take another route and as a taxi driver not really concerned about the tips

But l gas to reach my destination before l end the trip

Diamond Rocky like it’s ASAP

Even when l smoke blunts l’ma still stay sharp

Some of em say sing some of em say rapp

But l do what the fuck l want cos hey man

Its codename Dremo are they mad

I gat goons around me and they all stay strapped

If you snap if you snap if you snap if you snap

If you snap l’ma snap back like its face cap

Talks too much shut em up with a stapler

As we land like acres we pulled up in 8cars

And we gats fish these niggas up like say na geisha

See am cooking up with no apron

But she say am superman with no cape on

Am gonna use my pen and get paper

But the other pen l put it on Nnkeka

Ok now am done

She say uhnn l gat a question but l think is really dumb

I say what she said never mind

I say tell me what is wrong

She say boy u really strong

Tell me if am right or wrong

She say .

How could you last longer than a Fela song

But these Fellas don’t even last as long as a Dremo song


She say what I say nothing

She say tell me

I say tell u what I do this like is nothing

Gal I’m

Never gonna treat my girls like Senator Elisha Abbo

But l beat the pussy up like am senator Elisha Abbo Senator Elisha Abbo

Say what

Never gonna treat my girls like Senator Elisha Abbo

But l beat the pussy up like Senator Elisha Abbo Forget Senator Elisha Abbo