Future & Lil Uzi Vert – She Never Been To Pluto

Download Future & Lil Uzi Vert – She Never Been To Pluto mp3, song,audio,music,lyrics. Future & Lil Uzi Vert comes through with yet another new song titled “She Never Been To Pluto”

Actually this wonderful track is popped out of their joint project album ‘PLUTO & BABY PLUTO”.Which is released on November 13th 2020.


Listen up below.


Future & Lil Uzi Vert – She Never Been To Pluto Lyrics


(Ayy, Brandon, man, why you do that?)


[Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert & Future]

Kick a bitch out like toodles (Toodles)

Lobster on my plate, came a long way from noodles (From noodles)

My pockets gettin’ bigger than a sumo (Woah)

Baby Sasuke, whippin’ up Naruto (‘Ruto)

Clap it up, give a young nigga kudos (Kudos)

I remember I was with your bitch, she was coolin’, yeah (Yeah)

She was kickin’ shit with me like judo (Judo)

Knock it out the park, home run, Albert Pujols (Yeah)

She ain’t never never been to Pluto, yeah (Woah)

Young nigga stay in the same drama

Fuckin’ on another nigga baby mama (Eh)

Got a hood bitch named Shayanna (Yeah)

Got a Draco, the A with the K out it (Yeah)

I shoot the three like I’m Ray Allen (Yeah, yeah)

Ayy, the trap, I can’t stay out it, uh (Oh, yeah)

My niggas, they used to pray out it, yeah

We got lot of bands, I turned to a bandit, yeah

I just popped a half and I’m not landin’, yeah

I just know she bad and she too savage (Yeah)

Everything I do is outstanding (Yeah)

Everything on me Balenci’ (Balenci’)

Balenci’, Balenci’, Balenci (Let’s go, let’s go)

Balenci’, Balenci’, Balenci (Balenci’, Balen’)

This Rollie don’t do no tick-ticky (No ticky)

My diamonds hit back like a frisbee (Frisbee)

And none of my bitches is picky (Picky)

Pat in love with my coupe like it’s Missy (Woah)

I might just go cop a new cul-de-sac

Fuck on your bitch and put that ho to bed

These niggas broke, no, they don’t got no bread (Yeah)

I done carried the game, I ain’t weak in my legs (I carried the game)

What? Weak in my legs, with your bitch, yeah

Fuck on your ho and she givin’ me head

After I’m done, put that lil’ bitch to bed, heard what I said?

Order up a shooter and I pull up a sniper

My bro pull up and he shootin’ the rifle

We smash out and swerve in the Viper

My jacket made out of tiger (Rawr)

My cars made out carbon fiber (Yeah)

Foreign whip, pull up beside you (Foreign)

Bitch, we done shot up the opps (The opps)

Them niggas dead on arrival (Baow)


[Verse 2: Future & Lil Uzi Vert]

Might as well go outer space on these hoes

Might as well go outer space (How?)

Tell me when you ready, yeah

Tell me when you ready, yeah (Go)

Push the Rolls-Royce like a Chevy (Skrrt)

And I got a horse like Billy Ray Cyrus (Skrrt, skrrt)

Bando to bando to bando

I’m havin’ a seizure with the Draco, slidin’ (Brrt)

Young ‘dem came through and sprayed up the spot

You hear, “Kaboom,” on me, then you hear sirens

Runnin’ the road like Boston, Georgia, Diego, I can’t hide it (Freebandz)

Started out runnin’ with the goonies, now I got no stylist, a nigga stylish

Should’ve put your bitch in the boonies where you can’t find her, ’cause when we find her (Go)

I know I’m goin’ bezerko, that’s for-sure-ski, look at my shirt (For-sure-ski)

I know I’m goin’ satin and silk Hermés on my curtains, yeah

Bustdown baguettes, put on my wrist and my chest, I’m getting so wet, hey

Comin’ correct, you already know how niggas comin’, the drum hold a fifth (Woo)

Turn up, yeah, gotta keep that track (Turn up)

Tell me when you’re ready, yeah

Diamonds all baguetties, yeah

Got a bad-ass bitch, yeah (Woo)

I just took her from a lame (Yeah)

Chopped her like hedges

I line that shit up like edges (Line ’em up)

I wrap the bill up like a presi’

I got my side bitch tryna go steady

I put these carats on my ring

Ain’t tryna marry no bitch ’til I’m ready

Man, that pretty lil’ shit, I done stabbed in it

Hit the dougie in it, then I dabbed in it

A stallion draped in medallion, but her Ferrari Italian

I’m out of here, all the way out of here

Baby Pluto all the way out of here

I’m stylin’ you, baby, I’m stylin’ you

Lacing you up in designer gear

I’m proud of you, nigga, you droppin’ them bodies

You get you a Bird membership

A gang of niggas gon’ go up when I go up

I can’t forget ’em (Gang)