Gyptian – All In You

Download clean vinyl LP mp3 audio song by Gyptian and this amazing song is titled “All In You”.

Actually this wonderful music is popped out of his Dancehall, Reggae album which is titled ‘Hold You’ and was released in the year “2010”.


Listen up below! With full lyrics.



Whoa, na, na, na, na, na

You and you alone

My heart is everything

That you need

And every time I see you

I’m weak in the knees

My heart is filled with love

Baby, you are in control

And I won’t do anything more

I keep on knockin’ on your door

Because your lovin, it’s the best

I want to take more and never less

You give me happiness, never a day of stress

Baby, you give me everything

All in you, girl

I fulfill your need

And keep you coming back to me

For more of the same treat

Give my all to you

I give you what you need

I’ll fulfill all your needs

Keep you comin’ back to me again

Oh, yeah

Oh, yeah

Oh, oh

I give you everything you want

‘Cause you got what I need

And there’s no other girl

Can make me feel like this

When I’m holdin’ you in my arms

And I’m givin’ you all of…