Gyptian – Rendezvous

Download clean vinyl LP mp3 audio song by Gyptian and this amazing song is titled “Rendezvous”.

Actually this wonderful music is popped out of his Dancehall, Reggae album which is titled ‘Hold You’ and was released in the year “2010”.


Listen up below! With full lyrics.



Tonight I mean you, baby

And take it slow

The only thing gotta in truth

The wind and that lose.

What I’ve been stood night,

Baby, it’s for me and you

I know far show nobody

All those will know

Close, I will take you where you want to go

Girl, I will be the shepherd that need you

I will take you, I’d be a few down

Baby, no played around

And love the wind in disclose

Say git, from game

Baby, let’s sit down

You say is that fierce round

Let me start my foreplay

You saw can we ride away

Let me make my ride through

‘Cause I know I’m ready for you

You know you’re ready too

Let it feel, I’ll carry paradise

For the reggae road I give you

Feel my voice! For melody I’ll bring

So much action! For all this passion

Tell me what defection you’ve bought me a gift

Song, sing for me!

I love to sing when need love when looking up by I made

Good faith so bring me, not wanna come make feel

In song never, never a perfect song i feel

You love me when i need you

Seek you to the cloud of mind

Reggae to the place of mind

Is in the body of mine

Night to night times

And still tonight

You still steering differents styles

Songs, sing for me!