Gyptian – Where You Belong

Download clean vinyl LP mp3 audio song by Gyptian and this amazing song is titled “Where You Belong”.

Actually this wonderful music is popped out of his Dancehall, Reggae album which is titled ‘Hold You’ and was released in the year “2010”.


Listen up below! With full lyrics.



Ooh ohh yeah

Ohhh yeah

Ohhhh na na na noooo waaay

Into my arms thats where your sopost to be baby right here right now thats where you belong


There is no other to do you like me baby

No other loves you like me

Oh girl

You can search the world to find love cause my love baby is your love i bet no other treat you like me


In my arms where you belong my queen

For ever baby you should be with me

Aaaoooo aaaooo

No body to my heart but you baby

You love me till your baby drive you crazy

No ifs no buts i tell you maybe

Every thin you do you know it fasanates me

Theres nothing in the street that entertants me you can search the worl you won’t find love cause my love baby is your i bet no other treats you like meeeeeeeee

In my arms where you belong my queen for ever baby you used me with me aooooo rain drops falling on my roth tops and i dont wanna move noooooooo x2

Lee loves this song my prnce love you wrote this about you