IDK – Closure

Download another hot new clean Vinyl LP mp3 free audio song by IDK and this amazing music is titled “Closure”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his recently Released album which is titled ‘USEE4YOURSELF”.



Listen up below!.





[Spoken Word]

(Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird)

I’m always running in my dreams

(Mama’s gonna buy you a mockingbird)

To the point where it feels like a nightmare

I realize, though, I’ve been running from this conversation

And if you think about it, you would try to bring closer to God through church and religion, you know?

I mean, look, it’s okay to be religious if that’s what you believe in

But I think that before you understand religion

We should all focus on understanding something that most of us can agree on

And that’s the want for love

I wish you would’ve put the same amount of emphasis you put

In religion and learning that and following God

With the love you gave me, you know

I think, with that, maybe I would’ve treated women a littlе bit better

Maybe I would havе had a little bit more trust for other people

Maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to use my success as armor

A mockingbird represents innocence, you know?

And truthfully, I

Sometimes I feel like you could’ve protected that in a better way

But that, that’s cool

Most important thing, though, is

I’m not mad at you and I’m okay with some of the things we’ve been through, you know?

And I want you to understand that

Love you, Mom

Okay, bye



Love you, too

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