Joey Trap – The King

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Joey Trap and this amazing music is titled “The King”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an album which is titled ‘The King Counting Racks’ and it was released in the year 2021.


Music Video below!.


Joey Trap The King Download





Ah, mm

King of this shit, nigga

(Radiant made this one)

Big 33, got a big 33, got a

(Ayo Tasso, make a beat)

Ayy, ayy



Big 33, got a big 33, it’s a coffin (Ayy)

Bitch, I’m the king of this shit, why everyone keep on claimin’ the spot? Ah, ah, ah

Bitch, I’m the king of this shit, why everyone keep on claimin’ the spot?

I won’t die easy, lil’ bitch, ‘fore you touch me than you’re touching my Glock

Big 33, get a big 33, nigga, watch, pop

I got your shorty, she loosen her dress and her top, ayy

I tell her, “Do what I say,” I tell her, “Do what I do”

Jump the jump, baby you move when I move, I put it all on for you

Go left then right, we finna go to the bank

I told her pull out the [?] and get shit right

We finna rob them niggas, let’s make it worse tonight

Go rob them, nigga

I got your shorty to go hit a lick on her own man

I’m talkin’ to her, I make the bitch think it’s her own plan

Big 33, get a big 33, now you all jammed

You was just talkin’ and you was just flexin’ with no bands

Ah, he was a pussy, I knew that already

[?] if she happen to talk, but ain’t gettin’ fetty

We get to walkin’ and we get to sparkin’, I’m sorry I’m petty

Been beggin’, askin’ for verses, my nigga, you should’ve been ready

I count bands, bands, bands, bands, bands (Bands, bands)

He see the Glock and he ran, ran, ran (Uh), ran (Ran)

Ayy, shut the fuck up, nigga, damn

You fuckin’ up all the plans, why would I give you a chance?

Ah, I been with the shits

I got ’em fighting Mike Vick

I been in the shit and you just a prince

Why would I love me a bitch to take all my riches? What is this shit?

I walk around with a stick, the king of the shit, I been gettin’ rich


Ayo Tasso, make a beat