Jojo – Get It Poppin’

Download clean vinyl LP mp3 audio song by Jojo and this amazing music is titled “Get It Poppin'”.

Actually this mind blowing tune is popped out of her Pop music, Contemporary R&B album which is titled “The High Road” Which was released in the year 2006.


Listen up below with lyrics.



And the beat goes ta-tat-ta-tat-tat, uh



I don’t wanna stay home tonight

Just wanna go out with my girls

Find some fellas that we like

And I just got a new fit (uh huh)

I got the matchin shoes to go with it

And I’m lookin good when I’m in it

But I’m only fifteen and the bouncers at the door all want ID

I can flirt but they won’t let me in

I’ll take it to the street then

We gonna party in the street outside the club

Cause we can’t get in, we not old enough

We gonna get it poppin, make it hot

Gonna bring my record in the parkin lot

And when the club close down and it’s time to go

We’ll be out here hostin the after-show

We gonna keep it poppin, keep it hot

Gonna bring the record in the parkin lot

Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh

Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh