Keyshia Cole – You’ve Changed

Download clean vinyl LP mp3 audio song by Keyshia Cole and this music is titled “You’ve Changed”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of her Contemporary R&B album which is titled “The Way It Is” Which was released in the year 2005.


Listen up below! with Lyrics.



Sounds like a love song, sounds like a love song

Alright we heard your side of the story, hear mine

I’mma tell you why, ’cause you changed

When you got dough, nah nah nah nah nah, no you listen

I remember like yesterday

The very day I met you

You were lookin’ fly, I was actin’ shy

So when you walked on by I ignored you

But then you turned around and asked my name

And in an instant my attitude changed

Swept me off my feet, you were so sweet

Full of comedy, you amused me

Gave you my number, next day you called

Askin’ if you could see me

So I said alright, you can stop on by

It gave me butterflies

30 minutes, knock, knock it’s you

I’m glad to see you, but I keep my cool

From day one I fell in love with you

But now I ask myself who are you because

You’ve changed,…