M.I Abaga – Prelude

Download another mp3 audio song by M.I Abaga and this amazing music is titled “Prelude”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his Hip-Hop/Rap album which is titled “MI2 The Movie” And it was released in the year 2010.


Listen up below with full lyrics.



The following movie is rated TB too bad

Viewer discresion is advised

Please switch off all mobile phone while

Sitted in the tirter thank you for your cooperation

And now for your future presentation

September 27th, 2010

53 minutes after 23 hundred hours

Location unknown

Gentle men gentle men please be sited

You know what is at stake hear so answer me this…

Where is MI?

Hello Sir, I am John Pyuk.

Me and my team have searched everywhere for

MI but have discovered he is very well hidden.

So you mean to tell me that you have found nothing?

You insolent basted! Kill him!

Sir if you will delay my execution then I will explain

What a tragedy, I have died.

I hate to loose my temper

But I guess if you want to get something

Done you gat to do it yourself, you know


Now to catch a rat, you have to know how a rat thinks

You need to lay down the pinch of butter

So does he have a girlfriend?

Well Sir, there is only one girl who we know. Her name is Waje

Get her and bring her to me alive

Can I be your girl for a minute

Your girl for a minute

Oh hello gentlemen how may I help you?

Hello Mrs. I am Mustafa

We know you have affiliations with MI

And we need to see him pretty desperately

Where is he or loss your life woman

Oh you guys are too funny,

You know what I think? I think you guys are kolo oh kolo eh

You guys think you can kidnap me,

Well MI will rescue me no matter what you do

Woman make no mistake we do not return

Those who we kidnap, we are not Nigerian

You most meet my boss now let us go

No let me go

Where am I? Where are you taking me?

Hello little girlie

If you cooperate you will make it out of this alive kapish…

I have only one question so think carefully before you answer…

Where is MI?

I will never tell you cause he’s gonna come rescue me haha!

I laugh at you guys cause you guys dont even know MI

He’s the greatest

He’s an action star

He’s a hero

Haha! haha!

I laugh at you woman

We are the greatest armed force on the face of the earth

We will destroy him if he dears come close

-Gun shots-

What was that sound?

You two go check it out

-Gun shots-

Hey what was that sound?

-Gun shots-

Come in, come in radio come in

-Gun shots-

What is happening?


Who goes there?


I hear footsteps, who goes there? Say your name or I shot!

Hello Mustafa…

They call MI

Are you ready to dance with the devil?

Lets go.