Nelly – In The Store

Download clean vinyl LP CD free mp3 audio song by Nelly and this music is titled “In The Store”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an album which is titled “Nellyville” And it was released in the year 2002.


Listen up below with the full lyrics.



[Cedric:] Yo yo yo yo, my man, yo

[Clerk:] Yeah. What can I help you with?

[Cedric:] Hey come on man you gotta say you got me on this one. Look…

[Clerk:] What do you need? What do you need?

[Cedric:] You got the new Nelly? You got that in? The Nellyville? You got that. Right?

[Clerk:] What is that rap or something?

[Cedric:] What?

[Clerk:] I think we just sold out of it man

[Cedric:] Sold out?! Come on bro this the 4th 5th store I’ve been to today, they all sold out!

[Clerk:] We’re all sold out bro

[Cedric:] Come on man you gotta help a brother out, man I’m in a desperate situation here player!

[Clerk interruptes:] Hey Man!

[Clerk:] I’d love to help you my brother!

[Cedric:] I got a nice little sexy little thing waitin’ on me at the crib & all she wanna hear is Nelly, I’m tryin’ to get it through your spell

[Clerk:] I hear you!

[Cedric interrupts:] What?

[Clerk:] I hear you, you gotta get the mood goin’ you know…

[Cedric: laughin’] Yeah, that’s what I’m tryin’ to do, Pimp Juice!

[Clerk:] Pimp Juice?!

[Cedric:] Look man, let me… can you download it for me? Somethin’!

[Clerk:] Sorry man, we can’t do that here, sorry!

[Cedric:] MP3? You can’t…?

[Clerk:] No, we can’t, we can’t MP3 it, sorry

[Cedric:] Let me take one of your listenin’ machines or somethin’ & I’ll bring it back to you tomorrow

[Clerk:] Your fuckin’ crazy? My boss would kill me man!

[Cedric:] Look man, just check in the back, do whatever you gotta do

[Clerk:] Hold on, let me s… let me see what I can do for you bro. Let me see…

[Clerk:] Man this is the last one I got

[Cedric:] For real? Alright! Cool wait…

[Clerk:] The clean version, that’s all I got, I found the clean version for you!

[Cedric:] It’s the clean version?

[Clerk:] Nelly… you know the new one, Nellyville

[Cedric:] It said there’s no cussin’ on it? None?

[Clerk:] You want it?

[Cedric:] That’s all you got?

[Clerk:] It’s hip-hop!

[Cedric: Sigh] Damn. Alright, alright give me that man. I just got to make it happen right now, I just gotta…

[Clerk:] Alright but hurry up we got people waitin’ in line here, they’ve been waitin’ for a long time

[Cedric:] Yeah, go ahead & give it to me

[Clerk:] Good luck dawg!