Paul Simon – Congratulations

Download clean vinyl LP CD free mp3 audio song by Paul Simon and this music is titled “Congratulations”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of an album which is titled “Paul Simon” And it was released in the year 1972.




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Paul Simon Congratulations Lyrics


Oh, seems like you’ve done it again

And I ain’t had such misery

Since I don’t know when,

Oh, and I don’t know when

Oh, and I don’t know when

I notice so many people

Slippin’ away

And many more waiting in the lines

In the courtrooms today

Oh, in the courtrooms today

Love is not a game

Love is not a toy

Love’s no romance

Love will do you in

And love will wash you out

And needless to say

You won’t stand a chance, and you won’t stand a chance.

I’m hungry for learning

Won’t you answer me, please

Can a man and a woman

Live together in peace

Oh, live together in peace


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