Puff Daddy – Do You Know ft. Kelly Price

Download clean vinyl mp3 audio song by Sean Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy or P. Diddy titled “Do You Know ft. Kelly Price”.

Actually this wonderful song is popped out of his album which is titled ‘No Way Out’ which was released in the year 1997.


Listen up with lyrics.



Then, there are the times in my life

When I feel, trapped

Feel there’s, no way out

No escape

To be honest, I don’t know where my life is goin

Where I’ll end up at

I just don’t know

I looked back and saw the cat focus, took notice

Stayed away from the bogus, til his rise began

Phillies stacked his grand played the brokest

til he seemed hopeless, soon to be the dopest, cat comin

Track stunnin, fame singin, his name ringin

Money starts to pile, honeys start to wild

Top notch drop top make everything he drop hot

He dream, visualize, plot and scheme

Got the cream legally without the beam

Witcha fire eye drive slow, 8-5-0

Jet black tint still, they might know

Who the cat controllin the strings of rap and R&B

Trapped inside of a movie starrin me, so far

Do you know…