Puff Daddy – Is This the End ft. Carl Thomas, Ginuwine & Twista

Download clean vinyl mp3 audio song by Sean Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy or P. Diddy titled “Is This the End ft. Carl Thomas, Ginuwine & Twista”.

Actually this wonderful song is popped out of his album which is titled ‘No Way Out’ which was released in the year 1997.


Listen up with lyrics.



This is a story about two lives

Ones from chicago and the other is from New York



Now nigga what you thinking of repentence

But I’m coming back with the vengence

Running like the essense it was intense bottom was the end

I bring these motherfuckers like sentence

What its been sin let me not go deep in the story

But douple up free when Im rapping got me going up in the zone

Then let my niggas and bitches dat heard a nigga and how it happened

Got thrown in it you remember I was crazy in the shoulder

When I praised to be holder hit a man

Like a crusier within a range with the rover

Instead of you feeling strange to a soldier

Me and puff dropped in the parking lot

I already found the key so lets crawl on the floor

But I decided to rob but we still tracked

I have found a shop I gotta bust that hoe who you gotta drive

I’ma let the M.O.L.L. ride blast when you crash through the exit

You still alive but our oppersition gotta die when it goes in the zone

To the next shit when the car speed stomp I blast my heat on

Guns cocked I’ma winshield thats us should of been killed

Kept shootin till I see his dirty face do a windmill

Startin cashin for mojin now we frozen ain’t nobody here holding

Been in th staples kind of golden now we doulging no niggas have roading

They started coming at us with high tec shit

Theres so much a mac can do but you know what we got to do

Dont get in the wind cause this is the end of chapter 2

They coming after you


Living my life on the run, wit these niggas coming after me

Is this the way that it has to be

I can’t tell these dreams from reality

Now I’m not afraid to die so it really doesn’t matter to me

It just might be my destiny I hope you niggas is ready for me


(Puff Daddy)

So my whole empire crumbling into pieces as the trouble increases

Escape as feces when the car speed releases I’m on the run like Jesus

First chapter was sadness but this one is madness killas on our ass

Plus a few goodie bags is where we write fashions

Now see whos the fastest stop cross streets like a will C

Hit the curb but some still swear damn they ain’t no brakes

I feel like the “enemy of the state” we on the run like Will Smith

But this is some real shit so the car won’t slow down

I had to crash through a window neva shook but now we gonna come

With the showdown didn’t know what we was in for

Somehow someway we gotta get the ammunition for dumb play

Now I hear somebody recache motherfuckers gotta get away

T(twista) lets go this a-way throught the ally

But these niggas can’t star me Im askin the bell and taxi

Betta shake for the kennedythey can’t catch me

There in 20 minutes exactly get tickets for the first airline

First flight out just suffer the hardcore can you tell whats going for me

Me and T on the plane on our way to chicago

When we landed an old head a cop yelled freeze take a seat

We have captured you nigga you know what we got to do

Tell them niggas its the end of chapter 2 we comin after you





People betta get goin for the big clone If your shit blown

Coming at us wit a set dome gotta get cloned

Then I pick up a legit phone so I could see if my bitch home (hello)

Call the cop dropped them and took a strap and split

See me while we at the quick damn nigga thats a Glock

We got that from the parkin lot we sold the bag like a jack of it

Now we got up in the highway to smooth we run away to the hood

We now workin wit some new rules can’t be the one who lose

Go to the hide out nigga call for some new tools and I’m fillin these fools

Who got beef within God they want a piece of the pie

They neva give the streets a shot niggas gotta know songs

At least if they try


(Puff Daddy)

Now we creep on a bitch name Angelous she my weed and wife

Betta handle her branden her with a tattoo of my name on it

Make her feel Im the man for her but she looked suspicious

Somebody at the front door now she looking scared

Soon as I let out the air seeing my bitch Amby up her shot tears in atlanta

She opened the back door felt the torture and pain

I heard shots in the front oh we about to die straight kawakahzei

No lie dropped two things for the stunt you wanna go to war

I’ll take you to war I can’t make it that easy blastin me

Now you my enemy I let em rise tell me is this the end of chapter 3?

They comin after me