Rod Wave – Losing My Cool

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Baby, you didn’t think that I’d be clueless?

‘Cause I don’t know who you think you fooling

I don’t think you’re fooling me

If this is real love

‘Cause I’m trying, but I can’t lie (Don’t never think of fooling me)

I’m losing my cool (Losing my cool)

I’m losing my cool

Yeah, yeah

‘Cause I’m trying, but I can’t lie (Turn it up a little bit)

I’m losing my cool

I’m losing my cool



Life of a youngin

Tryna balance my pain became my struggle

I was already deep off in my thoughts and feeling funny

How the ones I that love the most just can’t keep it a hundred

I never thought I’d get this far, I used to doubt myself

God dealt me this hand, I used the out myself

Breaking in houses when I was youngеr, I was wild myself

They told me tеn at fourteen, I went and found myself

In my cell writing raps often thinking ’bout Deyjah

Before she died, I told her my dreams and my aspirations

I used to cry just thinking ’bout all the shit she was facing

I know she smiling looking down ’cause I finally done made it

I love my lil’ brother, he feel big brother be tripping

That shit just make me so damn mad that he don’t fucking listen

And my big brother really gifted, but he really tripping

He tell me heal me, his addiction ain’t none of my business

In his brain, he rock star living

Yeah, and we was raised the same, but we way different

Either way, and if you right or wrong, I’m forever with you

It’s safe to say I changed the game, I made it out the trenches

Later I would come to find I was just the beginning

I still gotta cross all these oceans and mountains and rivers

Life of a rapper got me on the edge, I keep my pistol

Gotta watch my back ’cause I don’t trust these hoes or trust these niggas

Tell me, who can you trust when people so deceiving?

Don’t want no love ’cause she gon’ leave and come back when she need me

She looking dead in my eyes, lying like a demon

How you slap the hand that had fed you, bite the hand that feed you?

I don’t get it neither, yeah, yeah

I don’t get it neither

My family don’t see Nuni, they see Rod the Wave

So mentally and physically, I stay far away



Listen, I

I regret saying I want ’em dead for switching sides

That night he died, I couldn’t cry although I tried, uh

I can’t lie, yeah

I’m losing, losing my cool



I lose my cool sometimes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I lose my cool, I loose my cool sometimes, yeah

Crazy life for the youngin

Tryna battle my pain became my struggle

They don’t ask me how I be feeling, just asking for money

Wonder why all the people I love can’t keep it one hundred, yeah

I don’t want you to ever think you fooling

Don’t ever think you fooling me

Need real love, mm-mm-mm

Yeah, yeah

I lose my cool, I lose my cool sometimes


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