Ruffcoin – Abum Nwa Aba

Its another hot and amazing story song by Ruffcoin and this wonderful tune is titled “Nwa Aba” (Abum Nwa Aba).

Actually this awesome song was written and released some years ago in the year 2009 but the story is still good to hear.


Listen up below!.






one day me I enter lag make I find marketer whey go feel my track.

I got so disappointed for Alaba so

I vex discharge find my way to iyaba

Wetin remain with me nah thirty box

so I say make I treck small then enter bus


enough hunger hold me that day so I they

wait make I reach my sister house near ogbalede .

As I dey wakadey go some boys block me

before OK know what’s up them Don corner me

Ahhhh Wetin I do why Unah corner Nwa aba

them say guy cool down why you dey harsh we

get bus in business deal whey go give you cash

dem carry me enter one place nnnwane I see phone so tee I crazy

demsay if I bring 200 turn dey go give me the phone worth 1milion

before I go know I go get ten million

Abi you no go like to count for million

I shout walayi my guy I dey interested

no dought this must be a very nice invest


but I no get money but my sister get

as you see me so I be my sister pet

but yesterday that my sister travel abroad

so she give me 3 hundred K for the landlord

I wanna go bring the money but I no wanna enter

bus so of Unah fit give me 1K make I enter drop


dem give me 1K ehhhh m Yb a agaria

make dem dey there wait ka Mua Laria

I Waka enter one booth lekwa Nwa Aba lega food

Tia rice imma tia beans imma tia Kanda tia ofu anu

e nwere spaghetti Yanah plaintain

mah lotah nii ga efe y’all ofeence ake