SOB, DaBoii & Slimmy B – Intro

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song & lyrics by SOB, DaBoii & Slimmy B and this amazing music is titled “Intro”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of their most recent album which is titled ‘Still Gangin’..


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SOB, DaBoii & Slimmy B – Intro Lyrics

[Intro: Slimmy B]

(If X on the beat you know that shit slap nigga)


[Verse 1: Slimmy B]

Slide on them suckas drop a hundred double back

If niggas want funk then it’s up, that’s that ayy

Pull up in the Benz with this yelling, “who is that?”

Bounce out, all black, niggas yelling, “who is that?”

Nosy ass bitch stay up out my beeswax

Push start the foreign don’t know where the keys at

I don’t need a bitch, nigga I need racks

Aiming at a nigga dome not no fucking kneecaps

Nigga, I ain’t riding with a goofy

I’m riding wit’ a chop brodie riding with a Uzi

Big bank uchies on the dashboard, that part

Knock a nigga down tryna act hard, that part

Nerd nigga tripping off a bitch, call him Matt Barnes

Picking on the gang have them niggas in your backyard

Real street nigga I got love for the trap stars

Hit her from the back then her ass gets slapped hard bitch

These hoes only want me ’cause I’m rich

But I don’t give a shit ’cause all they ass get is dick

On God, my niggas move mean like the mer

It ain’t no playing wit’ my name ’cause niggas know that I’ma slide

Finna do the crib all white like it’s Belly

Cookie smoke, everywhere I go I leave it smelly

Can’t pull up to the house so I hit her in the telly

Every nigga that I’m with Lunatics like I’m Nelly



[Verse 2: DaBoii]

Bitch, SOB that’s the gang

Bitch ass nigga you can’t hang where I hang

Yeah, oh you think it’s a game

He ain’t wanna use his head, send these shots to his brain

She a thick yellow bone she get beat out the frame

Run into a opp take the heat out and bang

I’m stingy, take my lil’ weed out and face

Put a molly in her water nigga she’s out her place

I’ll slide down a nigga block and tell him d-up

Leave a mess on Aisle 2, nigga clean up

You gave that lil’ bitch your heard, it ain’t mean none

I’m a big dog yousa Poodle nigga teacup

Niggas talk crazy, slide down, let me see something

Told baby girl, “hold me tight” bae I see stuff

We was taking off you the ones tryna keep up

I’ll shoot this bitch happily, why the mean mug?

Counting money all day I got green thumbs

Nigga you don’t know the meaning

Bitch, don’t tell me that you love me, you don’t mean it

Paw made your hoodie in the hood with the demons

Bro’ll shoot this bitch from the corner he a reeza

Niggas always crying on the Gram they some divas

Told my bitch give me head ’cause I need it

Then put that shit in my face I’ma eat it

Sike, i was lying lol I ain’t eat shit

Nigga you ain’t slide for your brother, that’s some deep shit

When you see me with that double cup, bitch I’m leaning

He ain’t in the streets, they too cold, he anemic

Boy I’ll put a pussy ass nigga in the cement

When I it ’em with the buck buck, he ain’t breathing

Who the ones with the uh, nigga we is

Bitch keep asking what I bang, SOB bitch


[Outro: DaBoii]

Yeah nigga you niggas know what time it is nigga

Fuck suckas nigga the real Strictly Only Brothers nigga

SOB shit bitch, yeah, nigga none of that on fraud, none of that faking nigga

Stupid ass nigga, real straight laced situation nigga I’m out this bitch nigga

Yeah on the gang


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