Soulja Boy – HIT!

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Soulja Boy and this amazing music is titled “HIT!”.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his newly released album which is titled ‘Big Draco’.


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(Well, boys, we hit the Jackpot this time) Yeah

(Yeah) Ayy, Hoops

Yeah, yeah (Yeah)

Yeah, yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah, yeah)

(Yeah, yeah)



Yeah, trap out a big body

Young nigga pull up with sticks, we gon’ hit ’bout it

Ain’t askin’ nobody name, man, we shootin’ out the real body

Ain’t askin’ no questions, I just come to hit

When I’m in the booth, man, I’m droppin’ a hit

When they make a diss, I’ma get that boy hit

My diamonds, they hit, your bitch get hit

Nigga, I’ma shoot, I’m a young rich stepper, who the fuck is you?

Pull on they block, I got the birds

Pull up in that Porsche Panamera and you know what we do

We hittin’ off the rip, I ain’t doin’ no talkin’ to you

Turn that boy just to a ghost like Casper

The Lambo or the Urus, which one go faster?

I’m all in the club, the Perc’ is kickin’ my ass

I’m boolin’ on ZaZa, you know I got gas

This not a trick question, you reach for my chain, I’ma blast

Bad ass bitch with a fake ass

Cookie cocaine, straight glass

I got them hitters that blitz and they comin’ for nothin’

These niggas be snitchin’, they droppin’ a dime off a dozen

Hit, hit, hit, I got the AR-15 with the glick

SRT, mini man ninety, spark at it, book at it, diamonds, the Cartier rich

I came up from trappin’ and sellin’ them bricks

Finesse the whole world, you can’t have shit

How in the fuck did he go and do this?

Ice on my bezels, the top of the wrist

Two-tone the medal, I rock out and rockstar his bitch

Big Draco, baby, you know I’m the shit