T-Pain – I Got It ft. Akon & 2Face

Download another mp3 audio song by T-Pain and this amazing song is titled “I Got It ft. Akon & 2Face”.

Actually this amazing song is popped out of his Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul with the titled “Epiphany” Which was released in the year 2007.


Listen up below!.




[Girl]-Hey baby

[T-Pain]-Hey boo, How u doin?

[Girl]-I’m alright, How u doin?

[T-Pain]-I’m straight, everything alright?

[Girl]-Umm, I guess

[T-Pain]-Wat u mean u guess?

[Girl]-Mmm nothin, jus nothin

[T-Pain]-Why u sayin nothin when it means something?

[Girl]-Umm, I umm, went to the doctor today

[T-Pain]-Okay, everything alright?

[Girl]-Umm, N-n-not really

[T-Pain]-U pregnant?


[T-Pain (Laughs)]-I’m sayin everything straight then

[Girl]-No not really

[Girl]-Umm, I was told that, that umm I have HIV

[T-Pain]-U was told wat?

[Girl]-I have HIV

[T-Pain]-So u mean u got something like HIV?


[Girl]-Umm, I have HIV

[T-Pain]-U mean to tell me that u have the HIV aids

[Girl]-Well y…


[Girl]-I-I-its jus umm HIV right now

[T-Pain]-Its jus HIV

[Girl]-I could eventually

[T-Pain]-It could eventually

[Girl]-Ima have AIDS

[T-Pain]-So u got something that can kill me

[Girl]-Kill us both

[T-Pain]-I mean wat was u thinkin?

[Girl]-Wat was I thinkin?

[T-Pain]-Yea, wat was u thinkin?

[Girl]-I [laugh] I-I don’t kno I mean


[Girl]-It was both of us

[T-Pain]-And this is funny to u because

[Girl]-Umm, N-no but u kno I’m jus sayin it was jus u kno…

[T-Pain]-Jus sayin

[Girl]-It was both of us

[T-Pain]-Tsss, u kno wat?, I mean we jus gotta do wat we gotta, u kno wat I love u and we jus gon make it work

[Girl]- I love u 2 boo