T-Pain – Reggae Night

Download another mp3 audio song by T-Pain and this amazing song is titled “Reggae Night”.

Actually this amazing song is popped out of his Contemporary R&B, R&B/Soul with the titled “Epiphany” Which was released in the year 2007.


Listen up below!.



Girl I Can’t Believe You Got Me Comin’ Out Here On A Reggae Night

[Girl 2:] Girl You Need To Get Out The House

[Girl 1:] I Hope You Got Yo Purse Yo Knife

[Girl 2:] Hell Yeah These Jamaicans Crazy… How Much It Is To Get In

[Sercurity]: All Yeah It Gonna Be 10 For General Admission And 20 For Vip

[Girl 1 And 2:] Dame

[Sercurity:] Thats How It Has To Be Ladies

[Girl 1:] Dame Thats A Lot Of Money To Get In Here

[Girl 2:] 20 Dollars For Wat… Girl Lets Go To The Bar

[Girl 1:] Dame Say Excuse Me

[Girl 2:] Girl You See That Girl Hair

[Girl 1:] No Did You See The Girl Shoes

[Girl 2:] Dame Why You Ain’t Dame

[Girl 1:] Dey Ain’t Bout ShiT Though Excuse Me Can I Get A Drank

[Girl 2:] Girl No You See Her Dress You See How She Spilt Her Drank On Me

Lets Go To The Bathroom After This Cause I Got To Wipe This ShiT Off

[Girl 1:] Excuse Me Can I Get A Drank

[Girl 1:] Excuse Me

[Aman:] Oh ShiT T-Pain In The FucKing Building

[Girl 2:] Man FucK T-Pain That Nigga Ain’t ShiT

[Girl 1:] Ok T-Pain Who The FucK Is T-Pain

Arcadestreetooh T-Pain That Is The North Flordia ShiT

[Girl 2:] I Just Sayin FucK T-Pain My Man Got T-Pain Money

[Jamaican Girl:] Man Yo Man Ain’t Got ShiT On Jive I’ll Kick Ya’ll A