The Game – 72 Bar Assassin Ft. DJ Kay Slay

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by The Game and this amazing music is titled “72 Bar Assasin” Ft. DJ Kay Slay.

Actually this amazing music is popped out of his forthcoming album which is titled ‘AAccolade’.


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72 Bar Assasin Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]

It’s DJ Kay Slay, The Drama King

Hip-Hop culture started in New York City, a gift to the hoods

A voice for the voiceless

A way to express ourselves freely without violence

We ain’t never took anything personal

We picked up the microphone, turntables, and spray cans and just let our talents do what it do



Ayo Slay

Tell ’em we off the muzzle with it, constantly go guzzlin’ it

Twelve lookin’ for my piece, Glock got a puzzle in it

Couldn’t find the gloves had to use my mama’s oven mittens

Flow like a condom, nigga’s still not fuckin’ with it

King of New York, King of L.A

And I don’t give a fuck what Diddy say, my semi spray

Any time, anywhere, any day

101st Precinct on the phone, come and get me, Slay

Back on my bullshit, Zach Lavine in Jordan 4s

Certified Gangsta, me and Jones in that corner store

I tried to warn ’em, boy

Rock a [?] like I’m from Philly, under chinchillas when it’s chilly

I pop guns like Meek Mill pop wheelies

He surprised? Look at his eyes, you’d think I dropped Gillie

I drop millies on double Rs and [?]

This what mama not bein’ able to pay the rent made us

Me and my niggas ball like we top 10 players

By the time the feds start lookin’ for us, we in Vegas

And your bitch with me, we off the Henn’, faded

She gon’ think her pussy got kissed by 10 Jadas

I’m the nigga that you hate and don’t know why

I’m the nigga ops shoot at but he just won’t die

Still got 25 million I can run and grab

Ubers got dashcams, we shoot ’em and we jump in cabs

Straight to Noble, eat sushi, have fun and laugh

If the waiter see me then she know to keep a runnin’ tab

Long as the summer last, I gotta keep a gun to grab

‘Cause after Covid, all the razorblades is under masks

My niggas air out the club then we Damon Dash

In the same PT Cruiser that nigga Stunna had

Puffin’ on a blunt of gas just to talk about a Verzuz with 50, tell Swizzy, “I need a hundred, cash”

Winter comin’ fast, niggas gotta eat though

When money on the line, I’m like a Steph Curry free throw

Goin’ the fuck in, Dior shirt tucked in

Can’t see me now, couldn’t see me with Young Buck and them

Shoutout to Lloyd Banks, album go hard, nigga

Tell Curtis to give you one of them bulletproof cars

You supposed to do your squad like Yo Gotti do ’em

Therefore it’s still the Unit long as I can still move ’em

And I been runnin’ my city since Eazy died

Got niggas from Cedar Block that’ll kill you for Yeezy Slides

Got niggas from the 60s still mad over Nipsey

That’ll give you 60 while you stagger out the club tipsy

Niggas from the jungles that don’t miss sit outside your crib for a week without sleep and won’t piss

Eses’ll snatch your kids out they room

Fly ’em to Tijuana, show ’em to you on Zoom

I climb out the tomb whenever Kay Slay summons

And if I’m on a tape, it’s doin’ O.J. numbers

My demo tape flow, yeah, that old Bay gunner who wrote the Timbaland beats inside Dr. Dre Hummer

Tell ’em the blaze comin’, it’s a hot boy summer

Might fuck Kim K on a Waverunner in Wave Runners

Throw it on the blogs, ain’t shit they can take from us

We both had the west on lock for 8 summers

I’m tryna bubble like the Gap this season

All the cap niggas sneezin’ got me strapped this evenin’

J. Cole got a nigga wantin’ to rap this season

Lil Durk got niggas wantin’ to trap this season

So my Cincinnati hat is to the back this evenin’

Black MAC I’m squeezin’ at your back this evenin’

Blap-blap said he traps for the rat that’s squeakin’

How they kill DThang but 6-9 still breathin’?

This new rap shit ain’t for me

And if I die, no murals, don’t paint for me

But the last time an op nigga came for me ended up in a body bag, it’s the aim for me

‘Cause I’m the nigga that you love to hate, King of the Golden State

Roc Nation brunch, make mine like Hova plate

Draco in the Marathon hoodie if I show my face

60 plus bars, get it? Hustle and motivate



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