Timaya – Freestyle

Download another hot and amazing mp3 free audio song by Timaya and this music is titled “Freestyle”.

Actually this wonderful tune is popped out of his most trended album which is titled ‘De Rebirth” which was released in the year 2010.



Listen up below!.


Timaya Freestyle


Mwaya plug the mic



Mwaya please plug the mic






Ah, listen up


I don’t know what you want from me

See the people keep talking ’bout me

Make dem talk, oh

Say na dem get their mouth, oh


When I don’t now what you want from me, ai

Tell dem make dem leave me

Make dem talk, oh

Eh, na them get their mouth, oh


Everybody just say

Blai, blai-blai-blai, blai-blai-blai

Blai-blai-blai, blai-blai, blai-blai, blai-blai, blai

Open up your smelling mouth

And begin to dey talk anything them like, ah


Blai, blai-blai-blai, blai-blai-blai

Blai-blai-blai, blai-blai-blai, blai-blai-blai, blai, blai, blai

Open up your smelling mouth

E be to talk anything them like, ah


See, see, mama dem, mama dem, mama soldier

My brother man na talk that I told ya

I no owe any maga

Eh, my God, I no send any maga


See, I keep on doing what I like to dey do

Anything I do e no concern you

If you like call me a big fool

Eh, my brother man I no send you


Call me a sheep

Call me a goat

Call me a tolotolo

Call me a toad


Call me a rat

Call me a pig

My brother man, I swear I no send you


See, my guy, I no send any maga

Me, am here to make my dollar

See, Timaya is not an ajebutter

See, I no come Lagos to count bridge, eh


If you like say I no fine

But right now, money make me fine

Am so fine, I don dey shine

Bling-bling on my neck all the time


Am not a small boy, I no dey wear bling-bling

I no dey come here to come to sing-sing

Think-think, everybody want win

Eh, hold on, my phone dey ring


See, but I got to go back to the chorus, eh

I got to go back to the chorush, eh

What’s the chorus again?

Ok now I remember that glow scene


I don’t know what you want from me

People dey talk about me

Make dem talk, oh

Eh, na dem get their mouth, oh


Everybody say, “I don’t know what you want from me”


Everytime you want to talk about me, eh

Na rubbish things


Listen now, am here to make money

I no want do cunny-cunny

I no wanna’ go so crawny

If you like you say am naughty


See, dem say I dey smile

Dem say, Timaya no dey smile

See, dem say I no dey smile

Say I dey bone my face all the time


Call, call, call me a militant

Dem say Timaya is arrogant

Dem say I no finish school, oh

Dem say my attitude is rude, oh


Listen now, but dem dance to my music

Every club, everybody dem dey use it

DJs, everybody don dey dance it

Everbody dey put am for repeat


See, na my music dem want to dey blow

Want to dey, want to dey, want to dey blow

Ah, blow, ah, eh, he-he-he


Let, let’s, let’s have an intersection right now

Let’s have an intersection right now

Wan-wan-wan, wan-wan-wan-wan-wan-wan


Let’s stand up right now


See, dem dey vex for me, dem say I take skunk

This skunk is giving my brain the konk

E be like say me I don barb punk

Eh, I cut my dada and barb punk


See, dem say Timaya from Hong Kong

Hong Kong dey make dem want punk

See, right now I want speak Hong Kong

Everybody make una dey hear Hong Kong


Chang chung chwanya

Chung chwanya, chung chwang chwin yang wa

Hung yang wyan yung

Ching chwang chung, chwang yang wa


Hey, God forbid

Am still in my right senses

Hey, listen up now


Hey, yai-yai-ya-ya

Everybody, ya-ya

Rise up on your feet and dance

Listen let’s go to the club


Now, pop some champagne

Pop, pop some rosé

Now, drink some crystal

If you get money, my guy you got to enjoy your life now


Don’t let anybody bring you down

Don’t let anybody make you frown

Don’t let the things that I say

Dey make you want weigh you down

Nor make you go down


Listen up now

I wanna’ rap

Say I want rap

Say I wanna’ rap

Listen up now

Say I wanna’ rap

Say I wanna’ rap, eh-eh-eh


Now, the brain don full, oh

The brain don full, oh

The brain is full men


If you know how I feel, men

You would not even talk about me at all

You know why?

I no dey see anybody


I just dey feel like a mad man on the street, men

I no send you

I no dey see you

Yo, yo know why?


Because I get God I no dey see anybody

Men, I no send anybody

Me I no go fear anybody

‘Cause God be my provider


Ecoba (Ehn?)

Abeg come blow whistle (Okay)

Whistle, whistle, whistle, stle, stle, stle


Dem mama

No, I don do mo’ dey go

Mo’ dey go

(I no dey go anywhere)

Mo’ dey go

(Mae’ I blow one more)

Mo’ dey go

Water, water

Mo’ go, mo’ go