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Just wanna take some time to let some things off my chest
Been through hard times, bad times
But through it all, my soul still soars higher
Yeah, I’m going higher
My soul shall sour higher/though the darkness falls, my soul shall sour higher (2ce)
In the heat of the African sun/And in the cold of winters snow
Though I bleed and moan in pain/Yet my soul shall soar higher
Passersby by may mock and jest/Upon my head men’s feet may rest

Though my name men away may cast/Disgust and turmoil my closest ally
No one to trust and no song to sing
Yet I shall not die and I refuse to cry
When all men expect a sigh/Instead I’m going to give a smile
Yet my soul shall soar higher
I choose to look to Him who gave His all for me
In His death He saw victory/In His pain He saw countless joy
Though upon His head rested a crown of thorns/And a robe of shame upon Him was laid
Yet without malice to the maimers of his flesh/He counted It all joy the anguish that He suffered

Though affliction may try my faith/And no words to describe the challenges I face
Yet my soul shall soar higher.
I may be troubled but I’m not distressed
I may be perplexed but I’m not in despair
I may be afraid but I’m not overwhelmed
I may be in battle but I’m not embattled
For many they may be that persecute me/Yet I’m not forsaken
It may seem to you that my head is bowed down in shame and defeat
Make no mistakes about it/ For I’m only scheming a comeback plan

For the mountain before me may be so tough but it can’t get any tougher;
Guess what, I can
So though the enemies of God may knock on every side
I shall yet sit in the table prepared before me in their sight
For yet, my soul shall sour higher
I have decided to follow Jesus, period
Do not try to stop me for you will try in vain

I will fight the fight and I will run the race
I will strive to the finish line and I will claim my prize Bruised and battered, I will not give up
With my face smeared with sweat, dust and blood
Yet will I say say in faith’s battle field arena:
If the world would crucify me for standing for a cause that I know that is right,
Then let my words be published in all heavens,
I will do it, For yet my soul shall soar higher.
I refuse to named among timid souls whose lives stood for nothing

Who’s tasted neither victory nor defeat
Neither shame nor fame
Who’s made no footprints in the sand of Time
For their feet was affixed in one position all the days of their lives
For the fear of failure I say they have failed
I refuse to be a common man
Cos it’s my right to be uncommon if I can
Therefore I seek opportunity and not security
That with neither fear nor timidity

I will take the calculated steps to dream and to build
And to make footprints in the sands of my time
And most certainly, my soul shall sour higher
And so finally my brethren: after all is said and done
It is my election to ensure that there is more done than said
And so to you my dear soul:
If at the end of time I realize/That the streets of heaven are not paved with gold as I was told

And that there are no such rewards as stars and crowns that shine as brightly as the sun
But for the reward of Jesus Christ the son/Yet shall my mouth be filled with laughter and my heart be filled with joy,
For what more shall I ask for, Jesus is all that makes it heaven for me.
And so to You my dear heavenly Father: May this gentle soul of mine never find peace or rest
Until I have become all that you wish for me to be

Samsomg: I’m going higher
I’m a hero walking on a narrow road
I’m a lion just about the roar
And though the mountain seems so tough, I’m just that tough
And I’ll be standing upright until I cross the finish line
And, most certainly, my soul shall soar higher