[TASTED] How to Gain or Lose your Weight with the Guava Fruit

Simple & useful tips on How to Gain or Lose your Weight with the Guava Fruit juice, water or oil.

Alot of people would aspire to either gain or loss their weight. Fat people are the once searching for the best method to lose their weight while thin people is the complete opposite. To tell you something interesting about the guava fruit which is in relation to this health issue. This tropical type of fruit has the contents which can either cause weight loss or weight gain.

First all, we have to discuss something more about weight loss. We can define it as the process of reducing body fats which are commonly done via physical fitness and medicine. Weight loss can be successful if the patient has the determination to do regular training exercise. Unfortunately, most patients doesn’t have such a strong determination wherein they give up right away in just a few days of their tries.

Medicine or medical surgery can provide you immediate good results but they can also be risky. There’s also a huge financial cost involve that you might just want to do the regular physical exercise as mentioned above.

Now here’s the third option which is in the form of dietary method. Simply add a medium-sized guava on your lunch and you are surely good to go until evening. You will ask why and how?


The question can be answered by explaining the nutritional contents of the guava fruit. It has a very high roughage or fiber and rich with multi-vitamins, proteins and minerals. Another interesting fact that you would like to know is that the guava fruit doesn’t have cholesterol (food contents responsible for building up fats) and it has a low amount of digestible carbohydrates.

 How about weight gain?

Let’s first discuss a few details about weight-gain. This is actually the process of gaining body weight which can either be in the form of increasing muscle mass or fat deposits. If your intention is simply to get fat then all you have to do is to consume plenty of foods with high-cholesterol contents. However, this isn’t recommended due to the reason that you will end up with the risk of turning yourself into an obese which is very unlikely.