DaBaby Responds To Ludacris Comparisons: “I Think People Use That Too Lightly”

Comedian Lil Duval recently caused a stir calling DaBaby the Ludacris of this generation.

Billboard caught up with DaBaby on the red carpet at the 2021 BET Awards to ask him about comparisons between him and Ludacris. While the North Carolina rapper has often been compared to the 2000s rap star, the conversation went into overdrive last week when comedian Lil Duval said DaBaby was the Ludacris of “this generation.” DaBaby did acknowledge Luda’s influence, he also noted he’s inspired by other artists as well.


“I wouldn’t even say we’re one of the same,” said Baby to Billboard. “I feel like that’s too commonly used. I think people use that too lightly. I was inspired by Ludacris’ creativity with his music videos. [I was inspired] by a lot of people. Not only people like Ludacris, but people like Nelly. I mean, everybody.”


The questions about similarities came after Lil Duval had Twitter buzzing last week after comparing the two rappers. Duval defended his tweet by juxtaposing photos the music videos for DaBaby’s “Suge” and Ludacris’ “Get Back.” Lil Duval later denied comparing the lyrical abilities of the two rappers.

DaBaby seemed unfazed by the comparisons though as he noted other rappers he was also inspired by.

“I feel like as the generations unfolded, people from every era was inspired by somebody from the era before them,” said DaBaby. “Even when it boils down to 50 Cent, Eminem, and Mystikal, everybody’s videos used to be crazy. Busta Rhymes’ videos used to be crazy [too]. So I definitely was inspired by Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, and several other artists with their music videos.”


Creative music videos have definitely been one of DaBaby’s calling cards. The videos for songs like “Walker Texas Ranger,” “Suge,” and “BOP” helped make him a star. Back in 2019, he claimed he spent nearly $500,000 of his own money just to make sure his music videos looked the way he wanted them to.


“I paid for every video I ever shot,” he told Rolling Stone in 2019. “$100,000 budget, $70,000, $60,000, I’ve probably spent like half a million dollars on videos this year, by myself, just me. I ain’t willing to settle for less… If you’re capable of being this caliber of an artist, do I want to settle for doing sh-t like this just to keep some money in my pocket and spend it on bullsh-t or something?”


DaBaby is also stepping behind the camera as well, directing music videos for his recent songs like “Ball If I Want To” and “Red Light Green Light.”