Man beats ex-wife, mother-in-law to pulp over school attire in Delta

It was gathered that trouble started when the children under the custody of the Otarurhors called to inform their mother of their upcoming cultural day celebration at school.


It was gathered that the mother, who is now Miss Hope Epini, had earlier objected to buying the clothes for the children, but on second thought and following the kids persisted begging, she had a change of mind.

Knowing the attitude of her ex-husband and his abysmal unprovoked anger, she decided to hang around and wait for the kids in her mother’s house to give them the money, clothes and beads.



While waiting for the kids, it was alleged that her ex-husband went to her family compound to drop a note of warning, telling her not to go near the compound where the ex-husband is living.

He allegedly threatened that if he sees her or the mother anywhere near the building, both of them might not live to tell their story.

Speaking with journalists later, Hope Epini stated that as soon as she got to the compound, the said Otarurhor, who was miffed with the purported violation of his orders, immediately pounced on her and her mother and in the process punched her.



Meanwhile, when contacted, Mr Thaddeus Otarurhor denied all the allegations, describing them as baseless. He said their marriage crashed because the ex-wife was not submissive.

“The problem I had with my ex-wife is that she is not submissive and she wants to be the man of the house. I told her not to come see the children without calling me first. I don’t want her to influence my children negatively, but she refused. That is what led to this current fight and her mother and some of her brothers jointly fought me,” he said.