Meek Mill & Lil Uzi Vert Spotted Shooting Music Video For A New Collab Track

Meek and Uzi, back at it.

Philly representers Meek Mill and Lil Uzi Vert have worked together in the past, and they’re continuing to ride together for a new single. The two friends were spotted shooting a music video for a new track, which sounds like a banger. Meek drops his double-time flows, spitting about his style and money in a snippet that found its way online. However, some fans online started to clown Meek for his attire, which they compared to a character from SpongeBob.


The beat for the track is comprised of furious pianos that flutter excitedly and the percussions rattle the speakers. Uzi, dressed in black shorts and a matching black shirt, is shown dropping his verse next, with an excited Meek hyping him up in the background. The shoot looks like it was done on a random street, with a few of Meek and Uzi’s crews stepping in with motorcycles. It seems like this is Meek’s song, but where it will be released and when we get the final version is still a mystery.

Recently, footage of the aftermath of an altercation between Meek and Travis Scott leaked online. The interaction occurred at Michael Rubin’s party in the Hamptons on July 4th.