Nollywood Actress Rita Daniels Makes Her Daughter Pay Omugwo Fee In Dollars

Nigerian actress, Rita Daniels has asked her daughter to pay her Omugwo fee in dollars.

In the video shared by Regina Daniels on her Snapchat, Rita Daniels told her she has to pay the Omugwo fee, insisting that it is a must.

Sharing the video, Regina Daniels wrote, “My mum has been tasking me because of Omugwo oo”.

What is Omugwo?

Omugwo is traditional postpartum care for nursing mothers who might find it challenging to take care of their baby after the delivery.

In Nigeria, various tribes have various practices to accommodate a new baby into the family like “omugwo for Igbo”, “ojojo omo for Yoruba” and “umaan for Akwa Ibom.”

The beauty of this practice is that it helps the new mother to ease into her new role through the experience of the mother(husband or wife).