Star YouTuber NikkieTutorials comes out as transgender woman

Nikkie de Jager, who is known as NikkieTutorials online, posted a video that surprised her fans

– In the clip, which she titled “I’m coming out”, Nikkie revealed that she’s a transgender woman

– Nikkie said although she feels liberated for sharing her story, she decided to open up after people tried to blackmail her

Nikkie de Jager – who is famously known as NikkieTutorials – has shared a personal part of herself with millions of followers.

In a 17-minute YouTube video titled, “I’m Coming Out,” the 25-year-old revealed she was born in the wrong body and is actually a transgender woman

Nikkie starts the video by saying the world is full of labels and she hates it. The make-up star revealed she wanted to tell her story on her own terms, but added the choice was taken away from her.

According to the influencer, there were people who tried to blackmail her by threatening to leak her story to the media.

So, she decided to tell the truth – and despite it not being under the ideal circumstances – Nikkie said admitting a part of herself to the world felt “liberating”. gathered Nikkie hopes her truth inspires other “little Nikkies around the world” who feel insecure, misunderstood and out of place.

The YouTube star thanked her mother – who she said supported her from day one – and her fiancé, Dylan.

Nikkie described Dylan as the “most kind-hearted man” in her life and she hopes people can still respect their privacy.