Stop Telling Women The Greatest Thing They Could Ever Do Is Marry – Nadia Buari Says

Actress Nadia Buari has asked society and all to stop telling women that the best thing they could do is to get married because they can do literally anything else aside from being a wife.

Most people in society have this mentality of marriage completing a woman no matter what she has been able to achieve in her life on her own, the fact that she’s not married, she isn’t complete to some people.

Nadia Buari with this video is creating awareness that women can do literally anything aside from being someone’s wife and that doesn’t mean she isn’t complete or there’s nothing they can do without marriage.

According to Nadia Buari, we should stop telling women the greatest thing they’ll ever do in life is get married as they can accomplish literally anything else aside from being someone’s wife and that’s the greatest thing.

Marriage shouldn’t be a yardstick or a category on which the accomplishment of a woman would be measured because there are a lot of single women out there who have accomplished a lot more than some married women. We shouldn’t also forget that some married women’s dreams shatter just because they became someone’s wife.


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