[Lyrics] Blackmagic – The Sea

Blackmagic Sorry Lyrics



Eyyaa o eyya eeyya

Eyyaa o eyya eeyya

Eyya o, eyya eyya

Eyya o, eyya


[Verse 1]

Misunderstood always needed to explain myself

Django on a boat needed to unchain myself

If you got money you can buy a ship

But that doesn’t make you the captain but

Mummy no want hear that 1

As a young padawan, reaching for the stars was war

They go cut you down with words

Shut your dirty mouth, ya wo

Just the kind of yans

That would go on and leave me With a Gash

That be deeper than the ocean

Frankly speaking,everything was far from Kosher

If I can’t do it for my fam, guess I’ll do for my culture

Was either gonna be hell or high waters

So I proceed to engage the violent seas

And the sharks that would await If I fail and don’t succeed

They see me trying and they scoffing some of them my friends

I keep smiling cos it’s nothing, all of them dey fear




As dem dey do dem dey do

Dem dey do dem dey do dem dey do

As dem dey do dem dey do

Dem dey f**k up I dey ginger

As dem dey do dem dey do

Dem dey do dem dey do dem dey do

I do like say I no dey look dem ,but me I just dey look


Son be safe my mama said to me

I disobeyed and jumped into the sea

Got trapped beneath the waves,the waves

If no be say my papa dey and he rained his blessings over me

Helped me escape the waves,the waves pushing it harrrd

Degwo sir degwo

The waves took me for a distance

Degwo sir degwo

The waves brought me back ah ah

Degwo sir degwo

The waves put me on my mission

Degwo sir degwo


[Verse 2]

Pushing it hard I was pushing it

4-21 mama was pushing it

Oh my God if you listening

You know how hard I been kicking it

Over the bar I been missing it

I didn’t bother they were dissing me

Efemena is a visionary

If you dunno check for magic in your dictionary

Something like the proph Jeremiah

It’s the legendary squire,the demanded supplier

The note for the hire way above your pay grade

Though most would aspire so they nay say

But you can tell that they liars

Cos the truth is inspired by something really greater

That you can’t afford to buy with the wealth you acquired

Or your million dollar Kaya

I’m hoping that you prayed

To get that real change, so you can get saved

Before it’s game over

Then I pull up in a range rover with the windows down

Smile and say I told ya

Ha shey you know,I’m gunning for that throne

And I’m back this is Bill collector black on the phone

Oh yes they knew this day would come

They knew efemena would ride

The prophet Leader from the sun

Oh yes I can see it in your eyes

Based on belief we have begun

Strap tight and hold on for the ride

I told you straight up from the jump

So why do you keep acting surprised



Eyyaa o eyya eeyya

Eyyaa o eyya eeyya

Eyya o, eyya eyya

Eyya o, eyya