LYRICS: GUC – The Bill

LYRICS: GUC – The Bill

GUC The Bill Lyrics.


Long ago

You were bruised and pierced

You were broken and shamed for me

Your body was dragged to the floor

You laid on the cross

You died for me

You didn’t have a pen

To sign the cheque for me

All you had was love your name and your blood

Your love was real

It was so real

You did it all for me

For me

The bill is on you Jesus

The bill is on you (2x)

You signed the cheque on the cross

You paid in full with your blood(2x)


Okini mezé méh

(What would I have done)


Okini mezé méh

(What would I have done)


Sobula chi

(If not for God)


Obu ji wéh

(Its you)


Obu ji wéh

(Its you)


Chiokike lée

(God- (the creator) )



For thou was slain

And has redeemed us to God on high

Nothing is too difficult

Nothing is too difficult

Jesus you have done it all

Jesus you have taken away the sins

The borthers

Tell it to the world

Tell it to the sickness

Tell it to those pains

Tell it to the problem

Tell it oh

Let them hear

That Jesus is king

That Jesus is lord

He has paid it all completely.

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