Titanic 2 (Never_Let_Go) 2020 Movie Trailer

After A long Period of time, everyone must have believed that the movie “Titanic” has ended just like that because there is no sign of continuety of the movie.

Recently we are now seeing the Part2 of the movie “Titanic” which is also tilted “Titanic2” which is showing that the movie never ends since then. This movie is likely to be released on 2020. But you can watch and download the trailer below

Shot story

One month after the Titanic Ship sink a lady was found alive which her name is “rose“. Rose was the same girl that “Jack” die for . she was rushed to the hospital and treated as she recovers. She started being lonely and quiet missing his man “Jack“.

Everyone Believed that Jack is already dead and will never come back to life again. Fortunately after some month and burial of Jack.

Jack found his self at the river side alive.