DJ Jimmy Jatt – I Am Legend ft. Ruggedman, Eedris Abdulkareem, M.I & Waje

Download another hot clean mp3 audio song lyrics by DJ Jimmy Jatt and this amazing music is titled “I Am Legend” ft. Ruggedman, Eedris Abdulkareem, M.I & Waje.

Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt finally releases his sophomore album “The Industry: Volume 1” which is arguably the biggest collaborative album out of Africa.

The LP features 50 of the biggest artistes from two generations. The album – a reflection of DJ Jimmy Jatt‘s career so far – is executively produced by him, houses 22 tracks while the online version has 23 tracks.


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Premium DJ

Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt

Waje. Chypher man. C′mon

I’m like a truth you can never replace me

I′m living proof watch the steps that I’m taking

I put my heart in every stride

Addicted to the hype

I will stand the test of time

Now it’s time to see that I am



Now it’s time to see that I am

I am Legend (I am)

I am Legend (I am)

I am Legend

Now it′s time to see that I am

I am Legend(I am yeah)

I am Legend (I am)

I am Legend

Okay. Ahan

In ′94 hip-hop was born for the legend

Me and Jimmy, MI represent it


Thought we was crazy, now we made history

Multinationals can sail with our music

We created employment, Jimmy Jatt bang it


******missing lyrics **







Dont the disrespect the legends we made it

Shakamo Judi le. Lala let friday

Mr. Lecturer, okasho ko le ye won

Used to be the king now I’m a king maker

Fought for the industry now me make cheddah

I′m bringing the hip-hop. Taking the hip-hop, digging the tongue twister

We bringing it back, taking the cheque

I take it they love music

MI, Jimmy, Rugged ati Eedris


Opomulero. Ruggedibaba

That’s who I am

Guess who′s back man.

And I’m still munching the way like I′m pac man

Abia’s finest (Abia)

The only rapper who don’t need weed to attain a level of highness

Top flyness, I′m so cool

I got so much energy I piss redbull

It′s the head turner

Mess with me I play hype then guess who will be Tina Turner

Calling me a legend? Not an understatement

Been around so long, yep that one na statement

So underground. You could call me basement

Moses of the industry again you should’ve face man

So why won′t they see me and pay homage

Cos so many out now like LAWMA

Deal damage

Love me or hate me. You no go even break me

I still dey hold am down till I die or God takes me


From the city called Jos there was a short black boy

You may talk about it till he started making noise

Dropped illegal music for the people to enjoy

The records he destroyed and the people he employed

MI 2 created the sonic boom

They wondered where I went but Chairman album was coming soon

I look to Jimmy Jatt what a legendary name

I hope to join Eedris and Rugged in the half of fame

Hip-hop hip-hop owes me a couple favours

The life that I gave you, you should maybe call me saviour

Number one across the continent, ask Flavour

Came with my family from Jos to conquer Lagos

So one day when it’s all said and done

You′ll remember all the legends and the battles they have won

All the trials they have beaten

All the journeys to become

Don’t forget mister incredible,

I′m the legend, I’m the one.