Jesse Jagz – High Life ft. Rex

Jesse Jagz – Pump it up

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Jesse Jagz and this amazing song is titled “High Life ft. Rex”

Off Jesse Jagz recently discharged Album tagged Jagz Nation Vol. 2: Royal Niger Company Album

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Nna eh

Ogbodo ah di tough mehnn to God

Business everything di so dull this country ehh

Nna ehhh ike guru m here

Barman biko nye ko’mu one more bottle there

Inu Ifem nne ku, nsi gi nyem more one bottle there

More one bottle star jiri oyi biko

Ahhhh nna ehh nwanne

obuna e jiri ego na ogbodo etiri eti to God

Onwe nwa m’fu today, mu na ya na kpa nno

Onye m iru self at all

There she goes ehh, only to those that see her there she goes ehh, are you ready to meet her

opportunity she might never come back again

Opportunity she might never come here again ehhh

K’anyi biri be biri be ndu oo (x4)

(Jesse jagz)
Uhh traffic is jammed at the city exits

Sun is going down its ten minutes to six

Look where the whole citizens sits your citizenships

With a cold bottle of beer and cigarette sticks

We talking with nicotine stained lips

We smile at the weather no matter how the pain gets

The stuck stenched air and the bottles everywhere

And when the rain falls there gon be puddles everywhere

We don’t we don’t let a thing pass us by and to touch the sky we gon have to fly

Am a master i and am satisfied and am walking Thru the streets like a passerby

As we talk bout now we aint begging the day

Anything thats gon happen its gon happen okay

We party with a little liquor thats how we pray

Hey the real African way, now sway!!


(Verse 2) Jesse jagz
Uhh Hey mama can you see the panorama

You living the life you a real mama jammer

Mama Lemme see you swim low in your pyjama

Hey Botswana, Uganda and ghana

Sunlight shoots thru your boots with a dharma

I’ll make you bear fruits like a farmer, mama

Sands carry you thru the desert on a larma

Aleku salamah you now in the savannah

Where you might get a kakyobet like a banana

Sun burns more degrees than the bahamas

And If you ever feeling locked up in a punama

I’ll take you far mama we’ll fly to a cabanah

Where there’s no longer hunger or war and no drama

Home is weather hotties is all jana

And everything is gold and green and rains mannah

This is for my African mama, now sway!!

Nnwebe ndidi nnwebe ndidi. Nnwe tu obi gi wanne m (x2)

Gwa m gwa m gwa m gwa m gwa m

Ige ti nkpu ifu kwa Ife guys nne ri

Onwe be Ife ifu o n’ogbu kwa ife guys nne me o

Nnwebe ndidi nnwebe ndidi Nnwe tu obi gi wanne m (x2)

K’anyi biri be biri be ndu oo (x4)

Time no dey time no dey o x4

Opportunity she might never come back again

Opportunity she might come here again ehhh