M.I – Random Guy Buying Blaze

M.I – An Outrageous Intro Starring the President

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by M.I and this amazing song is titled “Random Guy Buying Blaze”

Off M.I recently discharged Album tagged Talk About It Album

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I want some more of that good ish bruh
Ain’t it good ish bruh eh eh?
What you got?
I’ve got all sorts of stuff bruff
I’ve got Green. Green Michael Bolton bruff
I’ve got some DMX for you bruff
No man

I’m looking for some good ish
Some real ish man
I wanna hit that metal
I wanna forget my problems bruff
I wanna light up
I wanna light here up
Sit back and just fly away bruff
Fly away to heaven bruff

I know what you need
Give me that good ish bruff
You need some Nigerian stuff bruff
I’ve got some authentic Nigerian stuff bruff
Listen you wanna hit off this thing bruff
A hundred and fifty naira only bruff one hit
Youse ganna be messed up forever

Forever chao bruff
I’ve got we some PSquares
Some Dbanj bruff
SomeMode nine bruff
Some Naeto c bruff
Some Banky bruff
Some Kell bruff

Just one hit(one hit)
I swear to you bruff
Some of that Durella bruff
Listen bruff
One hit of this ish
Just one hit of this ish bruff
Youse gonna be gone forever
Some Blaze bruff
Some Blaze