M.I – Short Black Boy

M.I – An Outrageous Intro Starring the President

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by M.I and this amazing song is titled “Short Black Boy”

Off M.I recently discharged Album tagged Talk About It Album

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It’s another one.
Loopy, Loopy.
Chocolate City.
What! And the ladies say uh, who do this beat.
It’s the type of jam that get me up on my feet.
Rock me slow, so weet.
C’mon, feel the heat, feel the heat.
The ladies say uh, who do this song.
It’s the
Type of jam I’ve been wanting for so long.
Rock me slow, it’s so strong.
Lets get it on, get it on. It’s one short black boy with a very big heart.
He flow like Jigga and he sound like Nas.
Maybe he’s the best.
Nigeria’s own Kanye West for the West and the rest beat their chest.
The rest wanna test but M is in-impressed.
What he spits got the power to lift like cannabis.
Journalists and Analysts, asking can they handle this.
The microphone vandalist.
The son of the evangelist.
And the people wondering who.
Who put together Loopy crew.
And who made Chocolate City bank account blue.
Who is the the rapper the people are listening to.
Yes, he’s one short black dude.
His real name Jude but his friends call him Judo.
The M is just a pseudo, I is the real thing.
For example put my music on.
It’s one short black boy from the city called J.
Always know that he was gonna rap his own way.
No matter what haters and critics say, he know he will cos if there’s a will, there’s a way.
He broke the crowd mentality, reality, equality and no formality can silence his originality.
With no profanity or vanity but sanity.
The music for humanity.
He’s gonna take the planet.
He, he, he’s got a short black guy.
You might see him at the next show looking fly.
Rolling something.
DJ NY form N.
Ladies, don’t be afraid to say hi.
And later on at the club.
If you feel you seen a guy you wanna hug.
But the DJ aint playing the right thing.
Tell him to play the song cos?
He made the ladies