M.I – Sunrise ft. Trigga Madtonic

M.I – Sunset ft. Chillz

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by M.I and this amazing song is titled “Sunrise ft. Trigga Madtonic”

Off M.I recently discharged Album tagged Rendezvous Album

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[Verse: M.I Abaga]
I love it when we chilling and we just gisting
I tell you bout my day and you just listen
You’re always there when I need you girl, you’re consistent
I’m never happy when I travel to a long distance
I’m on the phone video calling I got trust issues
And I just miss you and I’m in love with you

You’re like my twin I feel it when there’s something wrong with you
Anytime day and night holla I’ll come get you
And all of my possessions we can split in two
Like What will happen to my heart If I am not with you
Anytime when you don’t notice I just look at you
When you’re not around I look at pics I took with you
Memorize all your features the way your body be moving
I know I’m not there yet but I’m steady improving

You love me though you see all of my faults and know I’m human
When I piss you off I’m like damn what am I doing
Why you hurt the person that loves you the way you are
Everybody else ran away but here you are
I bless the day your mom went to labor and made a star
Bless the day that God found me worthy to keep your heart

You provide balance like spreading my feet apart
When ever I need a spark you help me to meet the mark
Let’s build a family tree I want you to be the bark
Cover me in the dark whenever the weather is harsh
You hotter than a fever

I call you Queen you call me Caesar
God did not make a finer creature
You are my equal you’re not weaker
I am the sound you the speaker
I give you all my love to the last reserve
Any girl trying to distract me gets the curve
Cause the woman I’m with I will never deserve