M.I – The Beginning / Nobody

M.I – The Beginning / Nobody

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by M.I and this amazing song is titled “The Beginning / Nobody”

Off M.I recently discharged Album tagged The Chairman Album

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Good morning students (good morning principal)
As you know, my name is Mr. Nigerian Education (yes sir)
And my school is set up to propel you adequately for the Nigerian economy
And the Nigerian future that is ahead of you
Now all of you students are poor you have nothing and you know it (thank you sir)
I hear some of you sometimes talking about you want to be great
You want to grow up and be great (yes, sir)
You are a fool (thank you sir)
This country is not for people like you, eh (thank you, sir)
You should be thankful you can survive
You can eat two square meals a day eh (thanks you sir)
I don’t wanna hear rubbish
Some of you say you want to be astronauts
You want to be magician, you want to be- (yes sir)
If you say that again, come here, I will slap your mouth (okay sir)
Come on my friend, shut up and become a mеchanic (thank you sir) or carpenter, idiot
Now those three studеnts that said they want to be something
One of them said they want to be astronaut
The other one said he wants to be magician
The other one say he wants to be, be, be err musician, come out here (yes sir)
Johanna, come here (yes sir)
Yakubu, come out here
And err Jude, come here
Yakubu, what did you say? (Sir, I say want)
Repeat it (sir, I want, I say I want to be astronaut)
Take this slap, now repeat it (sir, I’ll never repeat it again)
Very good, now go back you’re a stupid boy (I’m going to, I’m going to be nobody)
You want to be astronaut (thank you sir, thank you sir)
What’s the meaning of astronaut?
You Yaku-, err-err, you come here, what’s your name again? Come here! (Johana sir), idiot
You say you want to be what? Magician? (Yes sir)
Enjoy this magic, slap (sir? Sir? Sir?)
(We’re sorry, the number you have dialed is not in service at this time)
Idiot, repeat it again now
(Sir I can never repeat, I would be nobody sir, I’m going to be nobody, I promise)
Common you, your father cannot even pay school fees (yes sir, yes sir)
You want to be magician (no sir, I’ve changed my mind)
You, Jude come here, stupid boy, look as he short, look as he black
(Sir, you can say what you wanna say about me but) your head has four corners
(Sir, you can make fun of me, but the fact is-) you say you wan be what musician?
(I’m gonna be a big star sir, I’m gonna be the biggest rapstar)
Come here, bring your face here (sir, no, sir) take this slap (sir no, no! Uhnuhn!)
You want to be like who? Michael Jackson or who?
(Sir, you can slap me, you could hit me) or Panam? (You can’t hit my dreams, sir)
Receive this second slap for that (sir, you can’t do-)
The idiocy of you is amazing to me (no sir, please sir)
(Uhn, oh sir, look you can hit me-)
Now repeat it again (sir, I’m gonna be a big star)
(I’m gonna follow my dreams) what? (I’m gonna follow my dreams, sir)
This boy, I will slap your mouth out of your head oh (if you like slap me, uhn)
Idiot boy (no sir)
Do you think I want to be a principal in a school like this (I’m not an idiot, uhn)
Idiot, I had dreams too, I’ll- (sir, I’m never gonna give up)
You’d never make it, you idiot, you stupid boy (I’m gonna be somebody sir)
You’re monkey, you’d never make it, monkey!