Masterkraft – Never Alone Ft. Waje & Nosa

Masterkraft – Lai Lai Ft. Tamba Hali & CDQ

Download another hot new mp3 free audio song by Masterkraft and this amazing song is titled “Never Alone Ft. Waje & Nosa”.

Pulled from his latest 2018 album titled ”Rumination”

Listen and download below.

Masterkraft – Never Alone Ft. Waje & Nosa DOWNLOAD

[Verse 1 – Nosa]
There comes a time in life
Wey worries no go let you sleep oh
Wahala left and right
E go be like say you don finish oh, eh
And I don pray all night
And I still dey pay my tights
I dey hustle, burn the candle all night eh
I don tire, my fuel don finish
Oh lord, feel alive again
There is a better tomorrow
Old soldier, the night go pass away
There is a better tomorrow
My mama used to tell me
“Sunny, no let the world make you lose your head oh
God go always dey your side, my baby, no worry”

Never alone, eh, you’ never alone, ah
Oh oh, ye ih eh, oh oh oh
You’ never alone, no uhh
Oh oh oh, oh my, you’ never alone yea
No no yea, oh oh oh oh, hmn hmnnn oh

[Verse 2 – Waje]
See, my own predicament
Every time I pass, them go ask me
Nobody puts a ring on it, oh lord
God’s time is my time
Me, I go trust am with my life
I no go ever worry laelae, oh ye ihh
W.A.J.E, Waje
I know that and will never blow oh uhhh

[Verse 3 – Nosa]
You know as e dey be some times,
Wey life go dey dey one kind?
Like say you dey do good but na so so bad things
Na hin dey come your side, eh?
Na you dey go church pass, but e be like say
Na you dey carry last
You dey pray, you dey fast, you dey bind, you dey cast
Still, you are getting no where fast
Bailey say I come alive again
God no dey forsake hin own oh
I dey tell you say god is never late
There is a better tomorrow
My mama used to tell me
“Nosa, e no get as e want be pass oh
God is alive and he is faithful
And it shall come to pass eh aihh”

“Uhhh” never alone
“Uhhhhhh, am never alone”
You’ never alone, oh “No no at all”
Oh ohh, “No no no nooo” oh oh ohhh
You’ never alone “Uhh” eh
Oh oh oh aih “I know, I know, I know am never alone”
You’ never alone “Yeh ehh” oh oh oh oh
“Never alone ehhh” eh, “No no nohh, am never alone”
You’ never alone uhn “No no no noo”
Oh oh oh ohhh “Am never alone eh ihhh”
You’ never alone, oh eh, oh oh ohhh aih
“Oh oh oh oh ohhh, am never alone…